Messages of hope, love and gratitude

Hello Beautiful Souls. Hope you all had a wonderful week thus far and a fabulous Easter for those that celebrated. I apologize for such a dry spell with the readings and post, learning to balance between kids, studying, inner work, working, friends and self-care has not been an easy one and the blog is theContinue reading “Messages of hope, love and gratitude”

Twin Flame Collective Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls I hope you had a lovely weekend and safe halloween weekend. Today or rather tonight I have a twin flame reading, and decided to try my hand once more at a video. I been guided to push myself out of my comfort zone more and do videos. So please bare with meContinue reading “Twin Flame Collective Messages”

Healing Message from the HEART

Hello Beautiful Souls. I hope this finds you all safe and well. It sure has been a very interesting and crazy time. Learning to wade through the truth around the situation and to stay grounded and centered through it all can be very difficult. That being said I thought it would be benificial to shareContinue reading “Healing Message from the HEART”