Monday Messages -Earth Warrior oracle

Hello and happy Monday. I’m hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day , though I know it can be a difficult day for many for a multitude of reasons such as the loss of a mother or mother figure, or strained relationship with a mother figure. Understandably The mother connection can be a complicated one, Which we will go into in another blog.

How ever before I got into today’s message, I wanted to share yesterday’s song sync with you.

Yesterday morning on Mother’s Day i woke up with “Dream a little dream of me “ by Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong though I was also guided to Michael Bubles version as well.

I heard the lyrics over and over through the day and will add the lyrics in to this blog . Those in heaven are reminding you that they see you, they love you and know how much you mias them. They are always there. So if you had a dream of you mom this is validation that it was a real visit.

Today’s Monday messages come from the earth warrior oracle by Alana Fairchild .

What do you feel, sense , hear when you look at this card. Take a deep breath and connect and share your insight.

As I pulled this card and ready my self for tue messages the lights start to flicker.

It’s a beautiful card and a lot of guidance around the feminine energy and the deep healing and transformation that is happening at this time.

This is also in honour of all divine mothers as we are coming off Mother’s Day. All healing starts with the mother energy and your lineage. There is a desire for true and authentic Connection to self is at an all time high .

The Need to honour and embrace and to your spiritual path and to move forward with yours souls purpose is ramping up at this time. The collective energy is being readied for more, to support and help bring in healing for humanity.

Your being asked to pay attention to your gut instincts , your drive to do something to accomplish something,there is a project or idea that you have been sitting on waiting for the perfect time, this falls in line with your purpose ! Your souls mission! It’s time to start putting things in to motion you are ready.

Many may be feeling or physically , mentally , emotionally or energetically and some may be feeling it on every level. The purging and clearing out of old timelines and stories we been carrying with us, preparing us for our higher purpose. Take time to really rest and be patient with your self.

The physical sensations will lesson as you body gets use to the energy and finishes purging. Feed your mind body and soul with nourishment through food , positive affirmations , higher vibrational reading and meditation and connect with those that are in alignment with where you are at this time.

Now is not the time to do anything out of obligation , it’s a time to honour your truest needs and desires. It’s ok to say no to what doesn’t feel right, it’s extremely important you honour your self , your body time and energy.

Monthly specials.

Soul sister circle will be starting back up on Sunday may 21. 7:00-830

Sending you all love light and healing energy.

Have a blessed week

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