Magical May Specials

Hello beautiful souls

I hope you are doing well. It’s been a minutes since I have been able to post on my blog and for that I humbly apologize.

As we approach Mother’s Day, it can be a very challenging time for many due to the loss of that special soul, the mother figure what ever form that may have take place in your life be it an aunt , grandmother , mom , even a father acting as both parents. The losss of this significant person leaves a lasting impact on ones life and it takes time to learn to reshape that connection. Your loved one is always around providing guidance, love protection in various ways. Dreams, music,coins and feathers are just some of the ways they try and communicate they are still around, talk to the, created a space where you can share and express your love for them they will let you know they are there. Never far.

Allow the healing energies or spirit and the angels come through you providing nurturing comfort support at this time.

Healing services. Spiritual counselling, reiki healing sessions , angelic healing sessions and psychic and mediumship readings.

This months I have a few specials going on

💗Heart healing sessions which is a combination of reiki a reading and spiritual counselling. It’s 90 minutes of “You” time.

Normally 💞175.00 Is now on for 125.00 💞

✨Reading and Reiki combo. ✨normally 125.00 now on 88.00 ✨

Reiki infused jewellery in stock and custom orders 20% off

Angel Blessing custom aromatherapy

Upper and lower chakra blends available in : Room sprays , Roll one and large and small diffuser blends available. 20% off

To place an order or book a session please contact me at

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