Who Angel Blessing (Nancy) is: I am an empath, I tune into and feel the emotions of others deeply, I can also sense the energy in the room, picking up on the emotions of others. I have always had this innate ability and over time I have learned to embrace my intuition and psychic abilities by practicing and honing my gift through intuitive readings. Initially starting off with Doreen virtue oracle cards and progressing into numerous versions of tarot and oracle cards. I primarily use the cards as a visual aid for my clients as well as a validation tool. My empathic ways led me to pursue my diploma in counseling, which has proven to be a very useful skill in conjunction with my intuitive gifts.

My Mission: I honour my path by sharing the dark and the light of myself even when I feel vulnerable, when I doubt, its all part of the process to find that balance to understand my triggers and to help inspire and guide others going through the same thing. No one is better than the other, just different in our journey, I believe in being Authentic in this journey, I travel in integrity and stand by what I do, MY goal and purpose is to help, to inspire, to guide and encourage healing, growth, community, love, and compassion for all. This is my promise and mission.

My commitment is to always work from a place of honesty and integrity. Honoring the clients needs and passing on messages and guidance with compassion, love, understanding.


“I came across Angel Blessings and thought I was too late for a contest to win a reading. Turns out I was able to enter still and won a reading. This reading was right on point with my life and also provided much needed comfort about a few issues I had”


“I am still speechless with the amazing reading I had. Everything made so much more sense. Looking forward to more amazing readings @angel blessing and wandering psyche. Thank you”


“Wonderful reading very informative. Lots of details within her explanations of the cards. I was very impressed and recommend a reading to anyone”

Do you need support, guidance or healing?

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