Quick Messages- Sacred Destiny

Hello beautiful souls.

I was guided to pull a couple cards from Sacred Destiny oracle deck by Deniss Lin.

The cards that came seem to flow effortlessly together. The cards are as followed Solitude ~ Protection ~ inner peace.

It kind of says it all doesn’t it. Right now with the state of the energy and affairs of the world we are being asked/guided to create healthy boundaries and take comfort in our own solitude protecting our energy and inner peace.

Staying grounded in the knowledges that everything is happening for a divine purpose. Keeping our vibration as high as possible and that can only happen if we take time away from the chaos and confusion of the outside world.

With solitude we are also then able to truly connect with our selves and our spiritual it team. To tap into the messages that they want to share with us. Healthy alone time brings about about healing and reclaiming of oneself.

There is also a lot of healing happening on the ancestral level many are taking time to reflect and correct. Know that you’re truly and divinely protected but the angels and your spirit team.

Allow yourself the space to process the emotions that come up for you during this time as much will. Give your self permission to feel what you need to, Transformation is occurring.

Massive shifts in awareness and awakening are happening, collective healing on ancestral levels is also taking place collectively and personally, this is why you may be feeling more triggered by things, more chaos in your personal life might be occurring and things and situation you had not dealt with regarding family members and child hood are also coming forth at this time. There is much work to do for our selves, our children and our lineage, we cannot carry those old energies into the new higher vibration and timeline. I am not going to lie, its not easy and its not going to be fun, its going to challenge you at a very deep level but beautiful soul you have a major purpose there and its time to step into its and the first step is to work through your own stuff.

Breaking down the walls around your heard is one of the major tasks at this time, to live authentically you must feel authentically which can only occur when you allow your self the space to be vulnerable. Flow into love

Another major task I that is being asked is to question everything, which may mean going against the grain of society, which we all not is not easy but thats the only way change will occur, how healing will occur. Through this process know that. you are truly and utterly protected by your divine team, which include your ancestors, ascended masters and guardian angels. Call on to them for assistance, they will hear you and help navigate you through all the ups and downs of this journey personally and collectively.


Blessings of love light, healing and divine protection,

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