“The best that you can do, Is fall in love”

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you are doing well, and had a wonderful weekend. This reading is a long time coming and I am so sorry about that, I had a song sync come through way back on mothers day which was Arthur theme, the lyrics that kept playing over and over where ” If youContinue reading ““The best that you can do, Is fall in love””

“Keep Your Head Up” Song Sync

Hello Beautiful Souls, (This post was supposed to make it out on Monday, February 22, but life, children and tantrums got in the way.) I truly hope you had a wonderful week and weekend, and were able to do something for you. My Monday morning started off interesting as I haven’t had a vivid songContinue reading ““Keep Your Head Up” Song Sync”

Messages from the Masculine Collective

Hello Beautiful Souls, I truly hope you are having a wonderful week thus far, I had finished doing a reading for a wonderful client around the twin flame and was guided to pull some card for the collective energy. Its not an easy time for the twin flames and I hope with the messages belowContinue reading “Messages from the Masculine Collective”

More Musical Messages From the DM’s

Hello and Happy Friday Beautiful Souls I am sorry for the delay with new posts, I have been working behind the scenes on a fun Giveaway to celebrate you the follower over on Facebook. I hit a mile stone and wanted to give back to you all. So stay tuned the details will be postedContinue reading “More Musical Messages From the DM’s”

Healing Message from the HEART

Hello Beautiful Souls. I hope this finds you all safe and well. It sure has been a very interesting and crazy time. Learning to wade through the truth around the situation and to stay grounded and centered through it all can be very difficult. That being said I thought it would be benificial to shareContinue reading “Healing Message from the HEART”