Tune In Tuesday: Sacred Destiny

Happy Tuesday Beautiful souls, Today I will be sharing a couple of cards from the Sacred destiny Oracle deck by Denise Linn. I pulled these few days ago but due to family plans I had not able to channel the messages. There are two cards that jumped right out for todays message and they areContinue reading “Tune In Tuesday: Sacred Destiny”

Monday Messages -Earth Warrior oracle

Hello and happy Monday. I’m hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day , though I know it can be a difficult day for many for a multitude of reasons such as the loss of a mother or mother figure, or strained relationship with a mother figure. Understandably The mother connection can be a complicatedContinue reading “Monday Messages -Earth Warrior oracle”

Love your self better

Good afternoon beautiful souls. This week I have had several song syncs and I am guided to share the most recent first. The lyrics I keep hearing are from @MileyCyrus song new song “flowers”I found the lyrics in a lyrics.com “I can buy myself flowersWrite my name in the sandTalk to myself for hoursSay thingsContinue reading “Love your self better”

Angelic Channeling and Card Pull

Hello beautiful souls, I truly hope you are having a beautiful week, even if the weather may not be the best where you are. Yesterday was beautiful day where I am , we were greeted with the beauty of the sunshine and the spectacular blue of the sky. It really help lift the mood forContinue reading “Angelic Channeling and Card Pull”

Blessings For a Magical New Year