When is Enough, Enough!

Hello Beautiful Souls,  I apologize for the lack of content over the last month, but I like to keep it real and authentic with you all and only post when I feel truly guided. I like many others had been guided to rest, to balance my energy, and do my own shadow work; which byContinue reading “When is Enough, Enough!”

Daily Reminder, Goodness still exists

Good Morning beautiful Souls! I was called to pull a card from the Healing Energy Oracle deck byMario Duguay “Goodness” I feel this is a reminder for us all that there is still goodness in the world even with all the chaos going on. Goodness starts with ourselves and radiates outwards. So let’s lead withContinue reading “Daily Reminder, Goodness still exists”

Soul Reflections; Healing, Releasing and Moving Forward

Hello Beautiful Souls. I was guided to share this card from the 7 energies Oracle deck. This card and the message I am guided to share is that it is time to work through and release our past lessons once and for all. Coming off the full moon many may feel a lot bubbling toContinue reading “Soul Reflections; Healing, Releasing and Moving Forward”

Hurry Up Masculines, Your Feminines are getting Restless!

Hello Beautiful Souls, Happy Friday. This week’s reading will be directed to the masculines around their fiercely fabulous divine feminines. This is more of a wake up call for those masculines who are not in communication with their divine counterparts. Time is a-ticking masculines. The feminines are fed up and ready to bolt. They haveContinue reading “Hurry Up Masculines, Your Feminines are getting Restless!”

Flash back Friday: messages from last year

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope your week is going well. This reading was from last year but I felt guided to share once more as I feel the messages are still very relevant. It has been very intense energy, to say the least. I was guided to pull cards from the Work your light oracleContinue reading “Flash back Friday: messages from last year”