Tune In Tuesday: Sacred Destiny

Happy Tuesday Beautiful souls, Today I will be sharing a couple of cards from the Sacred destiny Oracle deck by Denise Linn. I pulled these few days ago but due to family plans I had not able to channel the messages. There are two cards that jumped right out for todays message and they areContinue reading “Tune In Tuesday: Sacred Destiny”

Blessings For a Magical New Year


Monday Messages: Healing on the Wings of Hope

Healing messages, guidance and support from Spirit,

Monday message from the angels

A quick one card reading using the amazing Guardian angel Messages Tarot from Radleigh Valentine

General Energy Messages For DM

Hello beautiful Souls. Hope you are all doing well. Today I am guided to share a general energy reading for both the masculine energy and the feminine energy. I was going to do it in one blog post but being guided now to split it up into two due to massive glitches I have experiencedContinue reading “General Energy Messages For DM”