Tune In Tuesday: Sacred Destiny

Happy Tuesday Beautiful souls,

Today I will be sharing a couple of cards from the Sacred destiny Oracle deck by Denise Linn. I pulled these few days ago but due to family plans I had not able to channel the messages. There are two cards that jumped right out for todays message and they are ” Freedom and Release.

I am also hearing Queens “ I want to break free” As I sit with these cards , which validate the messages I have been receiving over the last few days. I am sharing the portion I hear repeatedly, lyrics found on azylyrics.com

Queen “I want to break free”

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You’re so self-satisfied, I don’t need you
I’ve got to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free

Release and freedom kind of go hand in hand, you cannot be free if you do not learn to release what is no longer in alignment with who you are now. So many of us are going through a major transformation in our lives, be its romantically, financially, emotionally, spiritually or career wise. We are transcending our current situations, and elevating to a new frequency, we can no longer carry on living in our current situation’s there is deep yearning with in the soul to move forward, to be free from the pain, the old cycles and patterns, to be free from what is no longer allowing us to be our most authentic and happy radiant selves.

To do this endings have to occur and it may be painful but it is necessary to move forward with our personal soul journeys, to create a life and vibration more in alignment with authentic love, happiness, joy and passion. What once felt so right is now feeling stifling, frustrating, unfulfilling, and dissatisfied. The soul is wanting more, is preparing for a more purposeful way of living.

Coming off the new moon this past weekend there is a need to plant more deliberate and mindful intentions for what you truly desire.

The freedom you seek is with in you and it comes from clearing and breaking free of old cycles and patterns in ones life. to do this you must become aware of your self, your own behaviours as much as others and how they. mirror for you what needs to still be worked through. The healing can only happen when you are truly honest with yourself, and once you do that you will see how much lighter and freer. you become, not trapped by your own fears and insecurities.

Everyone we come in contact with is showing us something about ourselves, bringing illuminations to aspects that we may not even be aware of, all for the development of our souls, to learn specific lessons and to help others in return. Many reflections may be coming up for you at this time around family trauma and patterns that have been passed down. If you have become aware of it it’s because you are the one that is meant to help “break free” and bring about healing for not just you butt the next generations to come.

Spiritual freedom and transformation is also coming for you now, no longer are you afraid of who you are on a spiritual level, I feel for some they are breaking free from the fear of what others will think as they share their beliefs around communing with spirit, angels and guides. Be who you are beautiful souls, shine so brightly with courage and faith, your divinity is your birth right, no one can take it away from you or hold you back from the growth and expansion that is yours.

Take this time to truly connect. to your heart space, through meditations, nature and creation. Listen to the guidance it is providing you, it is time for you to be truly vulnerable first with yourself and then with those around you, this is the way to access love, to receive love and to provide love. We cannot do so if we are added, or have security walls built up around our hearts. True love starts from with in, loving and accepting ourselves, nurturing ourselves and releasing old wounds and patterns. From there the doors open to a more abundant and fulfilling experience.

I feel for some this may be validation that you have been seeking around taking the steps to break free from toxic situations. You are protected in this process call on archangel Michael, Raphael and Kali ma to help you with these endings. To aid in your process of transition. Know that what is falling away from your life right now is for your protection, it may feel painful and unsettling right now but the alternative of staying in these situations could bring much more pain and heartache.

Sending light, love and healing energy and prayers to all at this time.

Only a couple one more week to take advantage of the specials. If. you would like to book a session you can fill out the form below or email me at angelblessings.11.22@gmail.com

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