Blessings For a Magical New Year


Friday Nights Distance Healing

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful weekend so far. I am popping in with a quick messages and offer. On Friday night while I was doing distance healing for some clients, I was guided that I needed to start offering some free sessions via Facebook / Instagram andContinue reading “Friday Nights Distance Healing”

“Stand Your Ground” Messages for the Collective

Hello Beautiful Souls, I truly hope you have had a wonderful week thus far and a Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbours. I am popping in with a song sync message and a couple of cards. I received the message for the collective while partaking in my daily practice of sending reiki to my twinContinue reading ““Stand Your Ground” Messages for the Collective”

Divine Feminines are “Sayin a Little Prayer”

Hello Beautiful Souls, Yesterday morning while I was doing some reiki/ prayers form my divine masculine, I had a song sync come through, which irnonically was “I say a little prayer” Sung by Dionne Warwick and written by Burt Bacharach and David Hal. I have added the lyrics below from azlyrics, which is my goContinue reading “Divine Feminines are “Sayin a Little Prayer””