Honouring Our loved ones over the Holidays

Honour and nurture the connection with our departed loved ones, while healing out hearts.

Mother Nature’s Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you had a wonderful week so far, I was called to pull a card from The Psychic Tarot for the heart by John Holland. The card that came was Nature and with it a some channelled messages. I hope the messages below resonates. Well, it’s a blustery day where IContinue reading “Mother Nature’s Messages”

Fall Equinox Celebrations

Hello Beautiful Souls,  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and fantastic week a head. Why not start the first day of fall with a celebration. I am grateful for so many wonderful people in my life teaching me, encouraging me and supporting me on my journey of self discovery and growth. I am alsoContinue reading “Fall Equinox Celebrations”