Messages of hope, love and gratitude

Hello Beautiful Souls. Hope you all had a wonderful week thus far and a fabulous Easter for those that celebrated. I apologize for such a dry spell with the readings and post, learning to balance between kids, studying, inner work, working, friends and self-care has not been an easy one and the blog is theContinue reading “Messages of hope, love and gratitude”

Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I had hoped to get a reading out to you all but it was not a really good day in my house hold. My child had many melt downs. I guess she is just really wanting to be heard. I finally got toContinue reading “Let Your Voice Be Heard.”

I did a thing….. A Facebook live

Hello Beautiful Souls. Just wanted to pop in here quickly and share the link to my very first live. Its rough to be honest, but it is authentic and pure. I pulled cards for my lovely followers some general and some around the twin flame connection and the divine masculine. If you have time pleaseContinue reading “I did a thing….. A Facebook live”

General Energy Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls. I hope you have had a wonderful week so far. I was guided to rest, enjoy some time with the kids and process information that was coming in. I was guided today to pull some cards for you using the Energy Oracle deck. Three cards just jumped out. Walking away, Sixth ChakraContinue reading “General Energy Reading”

General Energy Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls, I have little something different for you with this post, I have recorded a video. I am just starting out so there is no fancy editing yet, what you see is what is coming through straight away. I hope this reading finds you well and resonates with you on. I would alsoContinue reading “General Energy Reading”