Messages of hope, love and gratitude

Hello Beautiful Souls. Hope you all had a wonderful week thus far and a fabulous Easter for those that celebrated. I apologize for such a dry spell with the readings and post, learning to balance between kids, studying, inner work, working, friends and self-care has not been an easy one and the blog is theContinue reading “Messages of hope, love and gratitude”

Blast from the Past

Messages that were channelled over a year ago, still ring true today.

Twin Flame Energy Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope this reading finds you well. I am sitting at the hospital getting treatment and was guided to pull some cards for the twin flame connection. I am using the energy oracle deck for the masculines The first three cards are really about the masculines and what they are feeling atContinue reading “Twin Flame Energy Reading”

Choose Your Message

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, Its been an interesting time hasnt it, the energy is very intense and has lefts us feeling just totally off. I myself have found it very difficult to get into a place tranquility and peace where i felt i could connect clearly enought to share a reading with you. Finally IContinue reading “Choose Your Message”