General Energy Reading Divine Feminines

Hello Beautiful Souls. Here is the second portion of the weekly/monthly energy reading.

The sense I am getting is that yes this is supposed to be a general weekly reading but the message is going to resonate throughout the month or longer. This is not a twin flame/cosmic lover reading but rather what can be expected in each counterparts’ space at this time. Though I was guided to created the reading in this manner you may resonate with the whole reading.

I was guided to pull from three different tarot and oracle decks, each for a part of the week. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are represented by cards from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart. Wednesday and Thursday by The Oracle Of The 7 Energies, and Friday and Saturday by The Witches Tarot deck.

The Devine Feminine, or those that resonate with that charge.

(I am going to add here how much interference there was as I was typing out my channeling, the message kept getting deleted)

Card 1 : “Moving on”. Time to walk away from things, people, place and experiences that no longer serve you. Self reflection, meditation, healing and emotional release is at the forefront for the feminine energy. Many have even walked away from their twin flame, or rather, released the outcome to it. Yes, the connection can never truly be severed, but no longer is the feminine sitting idly by pinning for the masculines to see their worth. To love them, embrace them, and fill their cup. Nope, they are doing it for themselves now. Facing their old wounds, traumas abuse patterns, old stories and thought patterns that have kept them stuck. Self love, self respect, and self confidence are the aspects the feminine are focusing on at this time. Heart chakra clearing, healing and opening is where it is at right now. Compassion for self and for others even those that may have hurt us.

Love after all is the most powerful energy.

Another main focus for the feminines right now is pursuing their passions and soul purpose fully. Many are taking new courses and workshops, learning healing modalities and spending time focusing on what makes them happy, and nurtures them. Spending time raising their vibration and getting into a place of forgiveness and love. The feminines are also finding that they are no longer settling for repetitive bad behaviour or patterns from people around them. Where they once would keep quiet and choke down their words they are now allowing them to flow freely and clearly.

Card 2: “Merry Motive”. The imagery on this card is so beautiful. Instantly I feel the magic, wishes, fulfilled dreams, manifestations, and ancestral connections. I feel this has many meanings. One of which is around the divine feminines’ pursuit for a soul filling and thriving career. There are plans being set, wishes being made and hard work being put in to manifest their desired outcome. Take this card as a reminder to embrace your magical self, light that fire within and go forward fearlessly. Be damned of the naysayers in your space. A lot of ancestral wisdom is shining through to help you, remembering a lot of wisdom from childhood, such old home remedies for healing, stories, words of wisdom, recipes that connect us to those that crossed over.

This card is also asks you to check in with your self, your intentions, and your motivations. It is aligned with integrity, authenticity and love. When considering changes with career and soul purpose, set clear intentions. Visualize it, feel it, and believe you can achieve it.

Many are facing changes in their personal and professional life. This is not the time to rush into anything. I keep hearing, “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Something or someone is not as they seem, so pay attention to your intuition, and your gut feelings. Now is not the time to ignore the signs.

Card 3: “Ace of Pentacles.” The words I am hearing while I look at this is balance, healing and abundance. An influx of financial abundance, awaiting financial reward, news around financial support, releasing fear around having enough to support you and your family. For some there is unhealed issues around money steaming from childhood and what we may have experienced or heard growing up from those around us. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “I’m not made of money.” “We cant afford this, or that.” “Money is the root of all evil.” “Must be nice to have money.” This leads to an unhealthy relationship with money. Words are powerful, as we know with affirmations. Good or bad, the more we focus on the lack, the more of that we attract.

Wondering why there never seemed to be enough or always hitting road bumps around manifesting of financial abundance? Something in your life needs to be cleared. Time to heal and remove any of those blocks that are holding you back. Some may have been in a relationship where their partner controlled the money and are now unlearning and healing from those fears around spending money especially when it comes to investing in yourself. Now is the time to trust in your intuition and know that you are utterly supported by the universe. The words I am hearing are, “Take the leap of faith.” This is in relation to the previous messages above about career changes, going back to school, and investing in your passions and purposes.

There is also a need for balance between family, business and taking care of yourself. So many go go go and are busy living for others, taking care of others that they are neglecting their own needs and desires. This card reminds you that you need to once more put the time and energy into yourself on all levels mind, body and soul.

I truly hope this resonates with you. I myself am still trying to find the balance between work, kids, and my inner healing. Its most certainly has been a journey to get here, filled with many obstacles and hills. But each day I try and do better than the last and reflect on what I have control over and what I do not.

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