General Energy Messages For DM

Hello beautiful Souls. Hope you are all doing well. Today I am guided to share a general energy reading for both the masculine energy and the feminine energy. I was going to do it in one blog post but being guided now to split it up into two due to massive glitches I have experienced over the last few days.

The sense I am getting is that yes this is supposed to be a general weekly reading but the message is going to resonate throughout the month or longer. This is not a twin flame/cosmic lover reading but rather what can be expected in each counterparts space at this time. Though I was guided to created the reading in this manner you may resonate with the whole reading.

I was guided to pull from three different tarot and oracle decks, each for a part of the week. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are represented by cards from The Psychic Tarot For The Heart. Wednesday and Thursday by The Oracle Of The 7 Energies. Friday and Saturday by The Witches tarot deck.

I am guided to start with the masculine energy portion as things for them seem to be very intense at this time.

Card one: #2 “Listening”. Since it shows upside down, this is validating that a lot of the masculines and masculine charged feminines are not listening to their own internal guidance system. Rather they are putting more emphasis on what others have to say. That can be from media sources, partners, friends, religious affiliations, whatever it is it’s causing them to be very ungrounded.

They are receiving a lot of messages and downloads from spirit. Even seeing things but they have closed themselves off to it, which leads to more struggle and depression. This card in this specific position reminds me of the hangman in the tarot. Stagnation, distortion, unbalanced, feeling like nothing is happening on all levels of life. The flow of abundance and success has stopped.

I do feel some of the masculines are also dealing with physical health issues and that’s weighing on them big at this time. I sense gut health, heart health, lung health and mental health may be a concern for them at this time. This is also happening with our children, random stomach bugs are hitting household, this is about purging and clearing out toxins that have accumulated in the body via pent up emotions, food, environments and so forth. It has hit the feminines first and now making the pass through the masculines, especially for those that are doing healing work, and clearing ancestral wounding.

The number two is about partnership and since this card showed in reverse, I feel there is a lot of turmoil in their life with partners. It’s also representative of the twinflame/cosmic lover separation at this time. The words I am hearing are, “Left hanging in the wind. Left hanging out to dry”. Even though some of this is of their own making as they push the divine feminines out of their lives. The feeling I am getting is a lack of control, feeling like they have no say over what is going on around them. Basically giving away their power to keep the peace in their environment, which is leading to anger and resentment. This in turn causes stagnation with creating, ie art or other modalities, as well as blocking their ability to manifest their desired lives.

Card 2: #7 A Deep Breath-This card is a reminder for the need to rest and rejuvenate, meditate and center oneself. Deep breathing is key here, really connecting to the breath and open up the throat, heart and lungs fully. Connecting to the breath helps to calm the over stimulated nervous system. So many are living in the flight or flight mode due to the chaos of the last three years plus the personal traumas they may have experienced. Trauma changes us, imprints a way of being and its up to us to learn to re-regulate ourselves.

This is a time to connect with their heart space, both on a spiritual level and a physical one. I sense some of the masculines are having heart palpitations, arrhythmia and or breathing difficulties, so the need to get checked out is key here. Self reflection is huge and is validated with the next card which is The Shadow Side.

Lotus flower is significant in this card. It’s a reminder that all the burdens, traumas, obstacles (ie. muck and mud) you have been through in this life has made you who you are, a beautiful human being that has a lot of love deep within that is just waiting to come out. That love needs to start with yourself, reminding you to be compassionate and gentle with yourself when things are not going as you had planed. I am also reading the lotus as the heart and the lily pads as the lungs. Life force energy healing is needed to break through the walls that have been built up over time due to circumstance.

I am guided to Louise Hay‘s book, “You Can Heal Your Life“. There is a flow chart in the back of the book with a list of problems, probable causes and new thought patterns that can help to bring about healing. I am guided to add in what is under lungs and heart for I feel someone needs to have this information.

Lungs: The ability to take life in – Affirmations, “I take in life in perfect balance.”

Lung problems, depression, grief, fear of taking in life, not feeling worthy of living life fully. Affirmation, “I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. I lovingly live life to the fullest.”

Heart: Represents The Center of love and security – Affirmation, “My heart beats to the rhythm of love.”

Heart Attack – Squeezing all the joy out of the heart in favour of money or positionAffirmation. “I bring joy back to the center of my heart. I express love for all”.

Heart problems: Long standing emotional problems. Lack of joy. Hardening of the heart. Belief in strain and stress Affirmations, “Joy, Joy, Joy. I lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind and body and experiences.

Card 3: “The Shadow Side”. As per the last card, this card is about Masculines reflecting and facing the darker side of themselves. Everything from their poor choices, past hurts, traumas and insecurities. Their life has been very challenging to say the least. Even though some of them may project a perfect outward appearance, it has not been quite that. Remorse, regret, shame, disillusionment is all words that were coming through as I sat here with this card. A lot of that has to do with how they have handled the divine feminines in the past as well as other feminines in their life. Some of which may have been very controlling and even abusive toward the masculine. Many have been misled by those around them and it’s only now that they are recognizing it, which leads to more regret and guilt for how they have behaved. This is the time for healing, and working through old patterns and belief systems, making amends for hurts they may have caused knowingly or unknowingly. Karmic cycles and seasons are coming up at warp speed now to be cleared and released, which is validated by the bonus card below. Unlike most of the feminines the masculines are facing this all alone. There is a sense of isolation and loneliness which is making it harder for them to get out of the darkness they have been feeling.

I am getting the need to remind all you beautiful souls to keep sending light and love out into the world. It’s needed and will be received.

Bonus Card- Karma

This feels like more of a positive card even though it says karma. It’s about celebration, endings of old cycles, learning and growing from experiences. I am hearing, “There is light at the end of the tunnel.” So even though right now many are facing what seems like a never ending battle of heaviness, it’s all about to change. Moon cycles at the time are huge so pay attention to how you feel around the new moon and full moon. Take the time to do a ritual around each to release the old and manifest in what you truly desire.

Stay tuned for the second half of the reading.

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