“A Fathers Love”: Are you seeing the signs

Hello Beautiful Souls Happy Sunday,

As I was sitting this morning getting myself situated to work on some courses , I was guided to pull from The Messages from Spirit Deck by John Holland. This card made me chuckle because over the last two weeks I have been lucky enough to receive a lot of signs that my dad is around watching over me. His name is Bruno, not a very common name in this day and age but It is showing up EVERY WHERE. I also end up watching shows that are set in Italy, or has an Italian theme. I Know this is my dads way of connecting with me.

I feel many of you are receiving the same guidance. This card is that validation for you that you are receiving communication from them. Its in the subtitles and repetitive coincidences,

“A Fathers Love” is never ending and many of us are sadly going through and or have gone through the process of losing our parent. Allow your self to grief not just the passing but the what ifs” It has been 14 years my dad has been gone and I still go through moments like that, moments he missed out on or so I thought. A little girl always needs her dad and that doesn’t change after they pass.

If you didn’t have a great relationship with your parent this card is a reminder for you to you work through those emotions, to release regret, and to forgive your self for anything that went unsaid. You can do this in various ways, and creating a ritual of your own will help to do this. Some ways to help get closure would be to write a letter to your parent set up an alter with their picture and memobribliea you might have from them. Use this to communicate to them all that you wish you had said and ask them to send you signs they will respond but you need to be open to it.

Know that you are loved more than they were able to express in the physical world . A message I have been guided to add, that there is a father needing forgiveness, they miss handled situations with you and for that they are very sorry. As they go through their journey on the other side they see how their words and actions affected others and feel it deeply.

Once you work through your grief and allow your self to find a new way to create that connection you will start to see more of the signs and various ways your loved one is communicating to you.

Sending you all Angel Hugs and blessings.

If you would like a personal reading or healing session feel free to email me at angelblessings.11.22@gmail.com

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