“Trust in the Plan” Channelled Messages.

Hello Beautiful Souls Welcome to April.

Wow I cannot believe it is April already where has the time gone. Once more I need to apologize for the lack of fresh content these last few month, as I had mentioned previously I was taking some online courses around trauma, family attachment, grief and so forth, and with these course came some triggers which needed to be explored and worked through. I did this via art journalling, talking with a soul sister, going for energetic healings, and meditating. In this process I had to be kind and gentle with myself because I usually keep myself super busy, and bite of more than I can chew only to fall short, a pattern that needs to be broken. I have to trust that when its right to post, or work it will flow and it was not flowing for a while and thats ok to. I honour myself and my connection and allow myself to be when I need to be.

I feel many at this time can relate to the process which is why I share this here. To remind you that it’s ok to take that break, not post, to sit with your feelings, needs and desires and to just be. So sadly my website and social media has suffered a bit in the process.

Today I was guided to pull a card from the LightWorker oracle deck by Alana Fairchild, and the card that came was “Trust in the plan“.

This card speaks of the global energy and that of our own personal journeys. I am guide to start with the global message as its the most prevalent issue at the moment, considering all thats coming out and the distractions and fear that are showing through main stream media all in hopes to confuse and lower the vibration of the people. The time is now to stop, to turn off all main stream news sources to connect with your intuition and the higher realms to see whats truly going on. There are many that are not yet awake and may never be so, but for those that are its time to batten down the hatchets, and really trust that all is how it should be. It’s playing out for the masses to expose the corruption but that doesn’t make it any easier on those of us that are really seeing whats going on. The point of the media is to keep the people in fear which lowers their vibration, and their immune system, which in turn makes them ore susceptible for illness and dis ease. Good is and will prevail. Do not get sucked in to the fear porn, lean on your angels and guided to help steady you in times of doubt.

It is also a reminder to take time for ourselves to recharge, to meditate, cleans spend time out in nature all these things will help to keep your vibration high. So many of us at this time are feeling drained, down, anxious and so on. (myself included). The energy is bringing light to areas in our lives where we need to heal, and to asses where we are giving our power away and putting our selves last. Cycles are coming to an end and ascension is happening at rapid speed which it wreaking havoc on our bodies, so it’s essential that we do not take on more than necessary at this times. I feel saying No is also going to be a lesson for many of us, as light workers, healers we want to and are compelled to help and give fully but with the energies being so intense we are being asked to set healthy and clear boundaries, knowing that we have to put ourselves first or we will burn out and then be able to help anyone. Be true to you!

Take note of the children in your life, many of the sensitive ones are having especially difficult time with the current energy state, you might notice that your once calm child is having melt downs or yelling matches with you. It may feel like whiplash how fast their moods are changing but it’s because there is so much going on and these kids are wide open to all of it and yet may not know how to express what they are sensing, feeling, seeing or hearing at this time. Sit with them, create a soothing space with meditative music, hold them close, I feel many need this at this time. These newer generation of children thats have come in are here on a mission, and as we are ascending so are they and its a bumpy ride, long with any of their own karmic cycles they may be going through to clear right now as well.

Call sovereignty over them at night and call on each of their angels to wrap them in their wings of love and protection.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with love, light, laughter and joy.

Please email angel blessings.11.22@gmail.com if you would like to book a reading or healing sessions.

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