Fiercely Feminine Friday

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I hope you are all doing well. I do apologize for the lack of fresh content and readings over the last month, but the energy has been so intense and exhausting that I just have not felt the pull to do many readings at this time. I am going to be honest: it’s been a very difficult little while not just because of the energy but because a lot of old wounds had come to the surface to be really worked through, along with some massive triggers via the twin flame connection.

The latter really affected me and brought me to a place of anger, frustration, hurt and resentment. I needed time to grieve that and work through the feelings. One thing I did realize is how much the twin flames are under attack by the karmic and the global energies. There is a lot of darkness that wants to interfere and cause pain to each of the counterparts. It’s yet another challenge and trigger to move past what we perceive to be truth, to challenge us to see the bigger picture and to see how we will react to said interference. Will it break you or will it make you more determined to hold the line.

I am not going to lie, I was angry at the level of deception that had occurred. I questioned my guidance and who I was, and that was the issue. The dark energies wanted to get me off my game because I had been so clear, so on point; to doubt what I was getting, so I would not go forward on my journey. Thanks to some time, some amazing chats and other divine guidance I RECIEVED I did not get stuck in that place.

I was guided to pull some cards for you all today using a beautiful Sacred Forest deck I was gifted by Divine Symmetry 1-8-4-7. Three cards came out Dragonfly Spirit:” Change”, Fire Spirit:” Energy” and Wood Nymph: “Beauty”

I am being guided to read this in terms of the feminine collective energy at this time. These beautiful divine counterparts have been going through such intense and powerful changes that their counterparts just have no clue about, they are not the same feminines the masculines walked away from repeatedly. They are bolder, stronger, more in touch with their purpose and self worth, self love and self respect. No longer will they diminish their value based on other people’s opinions of them.

These fierce feminines have walked through hell and come out the other side with their heads held high. Now every feminine of course is at their own stage in the processes but the end game is the same in that they will recognize their own worth and love themselves so unconditionally that they will no longer tolerate being used, being ignored, being lied to or any other form of abuse.

The time is up for that bullshit, they know they journey has much more to offer and if that means walking away from their counterpart than that is what they will do. So many of the masculines are far behind on the journey, stuck in the muck of their own journeys, living out the karmic lessons for their decisions and choices. Only they can make the changes, only they can save them selves, and some will choose not to as it takes too much work, energy and effort. This journey is a difficult one with so many lessons, one of them being detachment. Learning to love without condition or expectation, to release the outcome is possible one of the most difficult aspects of the journey as it seems counter intuitive but alas it is what we are needing to do. You can love them and send them prayers but realize that only they can do their inner work.

Dragonfly Spirit “Change” brings messages of change, growth, rebirth, healing and releasing. It’s a card of self reflection, of deep inner work, to release old patterns of abuse, trauma, self limiting beliefs, and repressed emotions. The changes that are occurring in the feminines lives have a rippling effect in their lives and many people around them are falling away, unsure as what to make of their growth and new formed boundaries. No more saying yes to what feels like a betrayal of the soul, agreeing to things that just aren’t for your highest and greater good or that of others. You are like the lotus flower now fulling blooming as you made the hard journey through the mud and muck of all you survived. Celebrate you, celebrate how far you have come, shower your self with the love that you have given to others so effortlessly in the past. You deserve it, you are worthy of it, You are attracting it right back to you.

Fire Spirit “Energy” bring messages of strength, balance, perseverance, and a reminder that you are far more powerful than you realize. This card is a reminder to all the feminines to harness their divine given energies to break through any perceived barriers and limitations, you have all that you need with in you, it’s just about allowing your self to embrace it fully. It is also a reminder that we must balance our own masculine and feminine energies with in our selves. So many times we are more in one aspect than another, it’s about embracing both sides of ourselves fully. This is also a global card in that the scales of justice are being balanced out, that dark will no longer reign the world, so don’t be fooled by the illusions of the mainstream media. What is being put out is to keep people in fear, when your in fear your cannot hear your soul and spirit communicate, hence why the restrictions, no socializing no hugging, to connection, its all forms of manipulation to keep people from waking to their truest potential and spiritual purpose. This is also about the twin flame connection, a reminder really that even with the separation the connection in the ether can never be extinguished. That balance within the connection will be restored as well, but the focus on personal healing is the primary focus at this time. For each twin needs to remember who they are on an individual level before they can come together

Wood Nymph ” Beauty” This card brings a message of celebration, connection, finding ones true tribe, rejuvenation and seeing the beauty within ourselves and each situation. This card comes as a reminder there is light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the global situations at this time. It’s also reminding us to bring in more of the playful energy into our day to day living, dance, sing, be playful and getting out in nature as it will help to ground and up lift our energies. Honour your intuition and spend time studying and learning, and doing the things that will bring you the most joy and fulfilment. You are truly connected to the spirit realm and you are being asked now to start sharing your wisdom. This is also a reminder to look at your self with loving eyes, to remember you are a beautiful soul with so much magic to offer the world.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of blessings, peace and love. If you would like a personal reading feel free to reach out via

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