New Year Blessings, Update and Divine Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls, Happy New Year to you all.

It has been a heck of a time these last few years has it not, so much intensity and chaos. How are you all coping? We are in the time of a great awakening and I have full faith that we are going to have a better year a head. 

I want to take a moment to apologize for the lack of content over the last few months, I have been going through a lot of personal things that needed my time and attention, not to mention raising kids in this day and age, and staying grounded. So I made a decision to really only post when I felt a huge pull to do and that is how I went about last year. 

I plan to be doing a weekly reading/channelling on here again come March as this month and early February I will be taking some continuing education Counselling courses which require my time and attention. 

I really pride myself on being as authentic and heart-centred as possible. I will walk the walk as I talk the talk. So when I share a message about doing the healing work, processing and working through old traumas, triggers and childhood wounds, I myself in doing that work. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, but I look at my kids and I know what needs to be done.

The cards I decided to share today come from The Secrete Language of light oracle deck by Denise Jarvie. These cards are beautiful and bring about a lot of inner reflection. I will share the channelled message I received as well as add in the journal prompt exericises from the book. I feel they will really resonate with some on here. 

This beautiful card is a reminder to honour and nurture your sensitivities and gifts as you are opening to a higher dimension now. You will notice that you are more sensitive to foods, energy, clutter and chaos. This card is a reminder to take time to quiet the noise around you and go inward, to listen to your higher self and intuition, to trust the guidance you are receiving. We are going through a mass awakening and it’s going to bring about a lot of changes personally, professionally, physically and spiritually. What once resonated with you may not any more: people , places, situations are coming up to trigger you at this time to see if you have done the inner work to heal those wounds, if not this is giving you time to work through and ties the loose ends up. You cannot take old baggage with you, karmic lessons are coming to a close. Unconditional love and forgiveness is key to ascension and raising ones own vibration.

This is also a reminder that your angels are watching over you and protecting you, at this time, never doubt it. You are loved. I feel this is a nod from heaven for some as well with the rose being in the center of the card. I feel many more are experiencing contact from their loved ones on the other side, so if there was any doubt before, this card is validating to you that you are in fact receiving messages from your loved ones. Like a rose you are blossoming into your spiritual self. 

“Sensitivity is your super power”

Journal prompt/work: Write down three beliefs that help you create your dreams, and three beliefs that hinder you dreams. Focus on the ones that make your heart sing.

The grounding card has a very powerful message, and really represents what we are going through globally at this time. The earth is ascending to a higher dimension, we are awakening to the truth that has been hidden from us for a very long time, its dark / evil and very heavy but it must and is being exposed now. Many will have a hard time understanding what they are seeing and hearing, believing that those we trusted for so long have lied to us, about our food, about our medical, entertainment and so on. Those who we idolized in Hollywood, music industries, politics, religious figures have been doing horrible things to get to that magnitude of wealth and celebrity. It is time for Good to prevail the truth to be completely exposed. The lies and corruption run deep and over the course of many hundreds of years. 

I was given this card to warn in the most gentle way that shit is about to get real so, make sure you take time to disconnect from tv, and social media, and meditate, get out in nature and connect with the earth. Read uplifting books to strengthen the mind and soul, because what to come is going to have a profound effect. Grounding is going to be key at this time to get through with as little issues as possible. I normally wouldn’t talk of such things but this card came for a reason, we are needing to start talking about it. So with all these energies of renewal and karmic clearing that are coming in, stay in a place of self-love, peace, contentment.

“Connect to Mother Earth

Journal prompt/work: For three days draw or write about all the ways you feel grounded and connected to your body and that natural world.”

Stay positive and visualize what we want our life to look like. Staying in a positive place will help us to manifest the peace that we are seeking. 

To book a reading or distance healing session you can email me at, my social media or my website.

Wish you all a beautiful, peaceful and loving week a head.

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