Friday Nights Distance Healing

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful weekend so far. I am popping in with a quick messages and offer. On Friday night while I was doing distance healing for some clients, I was guided that I needed to start offering some free sessions via Facebook / Instagram andContinue reading “Friday Nights Distance Healing”

Twin flame Journey: The purpose of Separation

Hello beautiful souls, I hope you are all doing well, or as well as can be considering all that’s going on right now globally. We are all being pushed to our brink, to elevate, to stand up and speak up.  Early this morning I had a song sync come through, it was Journey’s “Open arms” which played offContinue reading “Twin flame Journey: The purpose of Separation”

“Keep Your Head Up” Song Sync

Hello Beautiful Souls, (This post was supposed to make it out on Monday, February 22, but life, children and tantrums got in the way.) I truly hope you had a wonderful week and weekend, and were able to do something for you. My Monday morning started off interesting as I haven’t had a vivid songContinue reading ““Keep Your Head Up” Song Sync”

Divine Feminines are “Sayin a Little Prayer”

Hello Beautiful Souls, Yesterday morning while I was doing some reiki/ prayers form my divine masculine, I had a song sync come through, which irnonically was “I say a little prayer” Sung by Dionne Warwick and written by Burt Bacharach and David Hal. I have added the lyrics below from azlyrics, which is my goContinue reading “Divine Feminines are “Sayin a Little Prayer””

More Musical Messages From the DM’s

Hello and Happy Friday Beautiful Souls I am sorry for the delay with new posts, I have been working behind the scenes on a fun Giveaway to celebrate you the follower over on Facebook. I hit a mile stone and wanted to give back to you all. So stay tuned the details will be postedContinue reading “More Musical Messages From the DM’s”