Tarot Card Tuesday: The Psychic Tarot

Hello Beautiful Souls, I wanted to start off by apologizing for the lack of posts last week. It all started on Monday night with a huge fire down the street from us. So big that we were worried that it could spread, as the ashes and sparks went flying. Two transformers blew which knocked outContinue reading “Tarot Card Tuesday: The Psychic Tarot”

“Keep Your Head Up” Song Sync

Hello Beautiful Souls, (This post was supposed to make it out on Monday, February 22, but life, children and tantrums got in the way.) I truly hope you had a wonderful week and weekend, and were able to do something for you. My Monday morning started off interesting as I haven’t had a vivid songContinue reading ““Keep Your Head Up” Song Sync”

“Stand Your Ground” Messages for the Collective

Hello Beautiful Souls, I truly hope you have had a wonderful week thus far and a Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbours. I am popping in with a song sync message and a couple of cards. I received the message for the collective while partaking in my daily practice of sending reiki to my twinContinue reading ““Stand Your Ground” Messages for the Collective”

General Channelled Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you have had a wonderful week so far. For myself, the beginning of the week came with some important self care and healing with a chair massage and a theta healing session. We are every growing and evolving on this journey and it’s so important to keep up with oneContinue reading “General Channelled Messages”

More Musical Messages From the DM’s

Hello and Happy Friday Beautiful Souls I am sorry for the delay with new posts, I have been working behind the scenes on a fun Giveaway to celebrate you the follower over on Facebook. I hit a mile stone and wanted to give back to you all. So stay tuned the details will be postedContinue reading “More Musical Messages From the DM’s”