Tarot Card Tuesday: The Psychic Tarot

Hello Beautiful Souls, I wanted to start off by apologizing for the lack of posts last week. It all started on Monday night with a huge fire down the street from us. So big that we were worried that it could spread, as the ashes and sparks went flying. Two transformers blew which knocked outContinue reading “Tarot Card Tuesday: The Psychic Tarot”

Daily Divine Guidance: Energy Deck

Hello Beautiful Souls I hope you had a lovely weekend and a wonderful Halloween. I had hoped to start this right on Nov 1, so I am guided to change it up a bit. I am taking part in a card a day challenge through a Facebook group using specific prompts, but I am alsoContinue reading “Daily Divine Guidance: Energy Deck”

Mother Nature’s Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you had a wonderful week so far, I was called to pull a card from The Psychic Tarot for the heart by John Holland. The card that came was Nature and with it a some channelled messages. I hope the messages below resonates. Well, it’s a blustery day where IContinue reading “Mother Nature’s Messages”

Divine Feminines are “Sayin a Little Prayer”

Hello Beautiful Souls, Yesterday morning while I was doing some reiki/ prayers form my divine masculine, I had a song sync come through, which irnonically was “I say a little prayer” Sung by Dionne Warwick and written by Burt Bacharach and David Hal. I have added the lyrics below from azlyrics, which is my goContinue reading “Divine Feminines are “Sayin a Little Prayer””