Tarot Card Tuesday: The Psychic Tarot

Hello Beautiful Souls, I wanted to start off by apologizing for the lack of posts last week. It all started on Monday night with a huge fire down the street from us. So big that we were worried that it could spread, as the ashes and sparks went flying. Two transformers blew which knocked outContinue reading “Tarot Card Tuesday: The Psychic Tarot”

Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I had hoped to get a reading out to you all but it was not a really good day in my house hold. My child had many melt downs. I guess she is just really wanting to be heard. I finally got toContinue reading “Let Your Voice Be Heard.”

More Musical Messages From the DM’s

Hello and Happy Friday Beautiful Souls I am sorry for the delay with new posts, I have been working behind the scenes on a fun Giveaway to celebrate you the follower over on Facebook. I hit a mile stone and wanted to give back to you all. So stay tuned the details will be postedContinue reading “More Musical Messages From the DM’s”

A little Hello From Heaven

Hello, Beautiful Souls, I was guided to pull a card from The Spirit Messages deck by John Holland, The card that came was “A Mothers Love” A mother’s love is timeless, it is never ended even when we leave this physical form the love never dies. The connection just changes form a bit and it’sContinue reading “A little Hello From Heaven”

Messages from the Divine Masculine, to his Divine Feminine.

“Listen to your Heart” So this morning as I was drinking my first cup of coffee sitting staring out the window I heard the song “Listen To Your Heart” by Roxette, playing over and over in my head and well, I felt like this is a message for all the Divine Feminines out there thatContinue reading “Messages from the Divine Masculine, to his Divine Feminine.”