“The best that you can do, Is fall in love”

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you are doing well, and had a wonderful weekend. This reading is a long time coming and I am so sorry about that, I had a song sync come through way back on mothers day which was Arthur theme, the lyrics that kept playing over and over where ” If youContinue reading ““The best that you can do, Is fall in love””

Twin Flame Reading: Facing their Shadow self

Hello beautiful souls. This blog is going to be a bit longer then usual as I was given a song sync and cards to pull for the twin flame collective, along with a little bit of what’s been going on energetically I hope you have had a good week and haven’t been too affected byContinue reading “Twin Flame Reading: Facing their Shadow self”

I did a thing….. A Facebook live

Hello Beautiful Souls. Just wanted to pop in here quickly and share the link to my very first live. Its rough to be honest, but it is authentic and pure. I pulled cards for my lovely followers some general and some around the twin flame connection and the divine masculine. If you have time pleaseContinue reading “I did a thing….. A Facebook live”

Messages from the Masculine Collective

Hello Beautiful Souls, I truly hope you are having a wonderful week thus far, I had finished doing a reading for a wonderful client around the twin flame and was guided to pull some card for the collective energy. Its not an easy time for the twin flames and I hope with the messages belowContinue reading “Messages from the Masculine Collective”

Messages from the Divine Masculine, to his Divine Feminine.

“Listen to your Heart” So this morning as I was drinking my first cup of coffee sitting staring out the window I heard the song “Listen To Your Heart” by Roxette, playing over and over in my head and well, I felt like this is a message for all the Divine Feminines out there thatContinue reading “Messages from the Divine Masculine, to his Divine Feminine.”