Messages from the Masculine Collective

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I truly hope you are having a wonderful week thus far, I had finished doing a reading for a wonderful client around the twin flame and was guided to pull some card for the collective energy. Its not an easy time for the twin flames and I hope with the messages below you will find some comfort and peace.

The cards were from a deck created by Awakened Twin, called Messages from The Divine Masculine.

As much as it hurts to be in separation with little to no contact they masculines are asking for you feminine’s to hold on and be patient there is a lot of unraveling of karmic situations and deep healing going on.

They are asking you to trust in the process and trust in them as they are fighting for so many demons and for the connection you share. The masculine yearn to be with you feminine’s but they aren’t ready yet and honestly are you. Take time to really assess where you are, what triggers are coming up for you at this time, it’s in those triggers that we are being asked to look deeper with in and clear out the cob webs of trauma/pains / wounds that may be partially healed or fully unhealed and just completely suppressed.

Its in the moments of seperation that you are able to focus on you, your wants, your needs, your desires, and most importantly your healing. To come to a place where you can totally love yourself fully is when you are able to love another fully. The love is there the connection is never ending, they will send you little messages via music, and dreams, be open to recieiving these little message, release the anger you may be feeling towards them as it can be felt by them, just as you can feel any emotion sent to you.

Thank you for taking time to check out my blog, I truly hope that the messages resonate. I would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment.

Many blessings and Angel Hugs to you all .

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