Friday Nights Distance Healing

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful weekend so far. I am popping in with a quick messages and offer. On Friday night while I was doing distance healing for some clients, I was guided that I needed to start offering some free sessions via Facebook / Instagram and my website. 

This will be an ongoing opportunity for healing, right now for all of September. I will be doing it weekly and then move to do it twice a month, depending on the guidance I  receive. 

It’s our calling as light-workers, star seeds, healers, readers, to help where we can and I feel that as a whole we are all in need of some energetic and vibrational up lifting.

Photo by
Mikhail Nilov on

Reiki goes where it’s needed to and is able to work on multiple levels of ones health, starting with clearing and balancing chakra, it can help to heal past, present, future issues, difficult situations, ailments just to name a few things. 

I will be asking for those interested to sign up with their Names, Country or City so I can put the intention to those individuals during the healing.

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You may or may not feel, heat, tingles, chills, pressure just to name a few sensations. You may also experience drowsiness, flu-like symptoms as the energy breaks through any blockages, vivid dreams, and emotional release. Know that this is perfectly normal. Drink plenty of water, rest and journal anything that may come up for you .

You may also connect with me if you have further questions, comments or concerns. If you are interested in the Friday Healings, please complete the form below and follow the blog for updates and offers. 

Sending healing light love and blessings to you all!

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