Twin Flame Tuesday, Messages from the Tarot of Sexual Magic.

Hello beautiful Souls, Happy Tarot Tuesday, I apologize for the delays with posts and blogs during this intense energy. I have literally been in hibernation mode which I feel many can relate to. It is all about being authentic on all levels and I just was not in a place where I felt I could share.

I took time to cleanse my energy through reiki, sea salt baths with meditation, talking and journalling my feelings, and just lying down and resting when I needed to, which was good because sleep as of late has been very hard to come by. 

Today I am here with the first part of a two day post for you beautiful souls, so please make sure to check back tomorrow for the second portion. 

The cards today came from the Tarot of sexual magic, as I feel there is so much that needs to come through around this energy and what the masculines (those that resonate with this charge) are going through. 

Card one is the Devil card, and the themes here are sexual frustrations, deception around sex and how it was used to control, as well as the need for deep healing around any sexual trauma and abuse that one or both of the counterparts may have experienced in this lifetime. 

As previously stated this indicates a lot of frustration sexually, there is no intimacy for a lot of the twin flames. Some of this is by choice and some of this is forced by circumstance. I feel for the masculine energy as this is more forced than anything since the karmic shows no interest in him physically, which is hard on the masculine’s ego. They question and doubt themselves, not realizing that this is a form of healing in and of itself. To refrain from sexual acts with someone who is no longer of the same vibration is a huge step forward, it’s part of the process to cleanse and clear their bodies of the energies of others. 

As for the feminines on the journey they have decided that they are no longer able to lower their vibrations, lower their standards and force themselves into something that just does not resonate any longer. The need to be aroused not just on the physical level but on the emotional, mental and spiritual level has taken priority. They can no longer indulge in intimate acts with their karmic partner, they feel as if these individuals are sucking the life force right out of them and truly feel that the only ones they really want to be in this vulnerable position with is their divine counterpart. 

They have taken to Spiritual celibacy, which is really about healing the inner wounds around self worth, self respect, self love and once more it’s about clearing out all of the energetic residue from previous partners including the karmic, bringing the vessel back to the highest vibration. This has led to the break down of the karmic relationships. Once the intimacy goes, there is a realization that there wasn’t much there to begin with. This is how sex was used to confuse the twin flames and to keep them in karmic situations longer than necessary because they have mistaken carnal lust and desire for love. 

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The message I am hearing is “Sex is like a spell” so choose wisely before allowing that penetration into your soul, because it’s not just a physical act, it’s also a deep spiritual one.

Sex for some was also a coping mechanism, moving from one partner to another, numbing themselves to any emotional connection, but this is not sustainable and those individuals are recognizing this pattern in themselves and learning to process and clear this. It’s time. We are all being asked to level up and heal our addictions and wounds that we have buried deep down for far too long. 

It’s time for the true twin flames to step forward and serve humanity, as this is the true purpose of the connection. Their union is to help raise the vibration of the planet and teach about unconditional love. 

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The guidance I am also getting along with multiple conversations with my dear friend Divine Symmetry 1-8-4-7 surrounds the power of the orgasam. Yes folks, self pleasure is important and key at this time. One major way for the twin flames to work together during separation is to use intentions before they embark on self pleasure, creating intentions to help manifest the twin flame collective coming together (no pun intended) to awaken to the true purpose of the connection and not just for our selves but for the whole. 

It’s not all about romance and flowers it’s about our truest divine purpose as a whole, why did we incarnate at this time? We came here TO HELP Humanity fight the darkness that has been prevalent for hundreds, if not thousands of years. And as I type this message I keep hearing “RISE UP, RISE UP, RISE UP” .

Card two is the 8 of pentacles in reverse. In my opinion, this is validation for the messages above, that is, the complete withdrawal of the divine counterparts from their karmic partners and the lack of physical and emotional intimacy. Both parties are feeling completely alone, unloved and undervalued. 

The feminines are doing it for themselves at this time, they are no longer opening up the sacred space or heart for anything less than true love. This is been the divine feminines’ reality for a long while, years in fact, even if they are still in karmic situations, there has been no physical contact with those individuals and nor will there be even when the karmic partners try their hardest to entice the feminines. 

Card three is the Emperor. He sits on his throne and contemplates his life choices, his circumstance, his feelings, his desires. I feel this is a good indication that the masculines are awakening to this connection, to their higher selves, understanding and questioning everything around them. Are they happy in their situations? Why aren’t they happy even with all the material wealth? What is missing? Why do they keep thinking of this other person?

I am guided to add in my Divine Symmetry -18-4-7 video as I feel it will also resonate with you beautiful souls at this time.

I hope this post found you well and that it resonated with some of you. I will be back tomorrow with another post around the twin flame separation, so stay tuned.

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