Sex is A spell, Use it wisely !

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope you are doing well. 

It is Wednesday also affectionally known as “HUMP day” and I felt that this would make fore perfect day to share the channeled messages I received around Sex: the power that it yields, good and bad depending on the partner and the intention behind the connection. 

I touched on this topic previously in Twin Flame Tuesday, Messages from the Tarot of Sexual Magic. I am guided to dive in a little deeper today, as it is very important guidance. Growing up I am sure all of us were told that sex was only meant for married couples, or those who really loved each other and, truly this was an accurate statement but it goes much deeper than that. It should be said that sex should be for those in vibrational and spiritual alignment with each another, whose intentions are pure of heart. Sadly this is not the case at times due to various circumstances. 

This is true in the cases of narcissists, abusers, and the karmic partners: they use the power of sex to control their partners, to lull them into submission so as to not awaken to their true selves. Ever wonder where the term “fucked your brains out” came from, or “mind fucked”? These were two terms that I was shown recently that accounts for the way sex has been used to do harm. To be out of one’s mind after intercourse allows for interference, control and manipulation because you are lulled due to the hormone release that keeps you happy and connected to that partner. You are at your most vulnerable at this time, so if you are not with someone who is truly in love with you this could lead to problems. 

This is how karmic partners bank on their significant other not going anywhere; they use the power of sex to distract said person from what is right in front of them ie, the red flags such as psychological or emotional abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, infidelity, or even worse issues that may be present.  This manipulation keeps their partner from awakening to the true self, to paying attention to the natural intuition that is screaming out that something is wrong. 

These types of people “charm the pants off” of you literally. They pretend to be what you want and need, they will say all the right things and do all the right things until they “have you”. Then things start to slowly change, their words and actions don’t match up, they start to turn things around on you, they may disengage in intimacy until they are wanting it, making you feel vulnerable, confused, and doubting yourself. This is how they break your spirit down. Sex to them is not about intimacy and bonding; it’s about keeping you subdued, and doing the things they want you to do. 

Another specific message I was getting to share was around the “love languages”. Yes we all want to have great relationships and we all deserve that, so understanding how we accept love is a huge key but in the wrong hands it is dangerous. So it’s important to be very discerning with whom you share key information, as well as your life experiences and traumas. Infiltration, via  key information is how an abuser and narcissist works to understand and get to you. 

They will use everything they have learned about you to keep you stuck and with them, making you feel like they love you but in reality they are just taking from you in one way or another. 

These types of individuals will know when you are starting to awaken to their games, lies, deceit and recognizing the red flags and this is when they will show more interest in you, via sweet talking, shower you with affection and use your love languages to get you back into bed, and bring you back under their spell. 

Have you noticed or paid attention to how you felt after being intimate with the wrong person that you just didn’t feel right, you are kind of left feeling empty, unwell, sad, etc? These are little indications that something is amiss, and this is the guidance I was given to share here with you. You are asked to trust this, pay attention to how you are feeling, after being in close proximity with someone who is not in alignment with your true spirit.

Are you noticing that the desire to be with maybe your current partner is just not there anymore, you revolt at the very thought them touching you, hugging you never mind kissing and being intimate with? This is our souls’ and bodies’ way of telling us that we are coming to the end of the line. 

These feelings usually come up as you start to do your inner healing, understanding the wounds that you have carried that allowed you to attract this person into your space, this is more true around karmic or what I was told to call them catalyst partners, they are there to help further awaken you on your spiritual journey, to trigger you to learn more about yourself, your wants, needs, desires. They are there to help you to evaluate and work through the challenges, struggles and wounds that we carry with us.

We too are karmic partners for our current partners; we to can be toxic in many ways, but it’s what we do with that knowledge that makes the difference.

We are all but mirrors for one another reflecting back what we need to heal and work through and once we do, we start to vibrate higher, and we then are not able to tolerate anything less than our equal vibration. 

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Sex with your counterpart (twin flame) is a very powerful magic and is one of the very reasons that the twin flames have been under attack and kept apart. When the two come into union they are stronger, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. With the dark energy at play at this time, it’s the last thing that the dark energy would want to have happen. When the twin flames come into union they will be able to help so many more people to awaken, heal and raise to their purpose. 

Sex with someone at least more vibrationally and spiritually aligned can be very healing on many levels, there is proof that sex can help boost hemoglobin levels (the portion in red blood cells, which carry oxygen), boost your immune system, boost your mental health, mood, and so much more. 

It’s vital for us to take care of our sexual health, knowing the healing power that it holds.

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I am wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week. If you have any comments or questions please comment below. If you would like to book a personal reading you can email me at

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