Blast from the Past

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I hope you are doing well. I was guided to share with you a collective reading I had done one year ago today. As I re-read it I knew now more then ever it was still very relevant. I love how that works and being shown the memories via fb.

(Dec 3 2019)

I hope you had a peaceful rest. I was guided to pull some cards for the collective using the Energy deck.

Channelled messages from Last years time, which ring true for today also.

The first cards, Yin/Yang is about finding that balance within ourselves and our outer world. At this time of year, so many things get out of whack. The holidays have us overextending ourselves on many levels especially financially and energetically. This card is the guidance that we need to find a happy medium and not push ourselves too hard or spend more than we make.

I do feel this speaks globally also as there is so much being brought to light. The corruption and darkness are being unmasked, and so many light workers are being activated at this time so here we have the balance of energy once more. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE THROUGH DEAR ONES, THE WORLD NEEDS US NOW MORE THAN EVER. I sense that there is also a lot of healing going on at this time, more and more are speaking their truth, opening their throat chakras, and aligning themselves with their divinity-and taking back their personal power. No more hiding who we are to make others feel ok. This then brings us to the Envy card.

The Second card is Envy as stated above. There are people that really do not want us to stand in our truth, and it can be our very own family members. They lose control when we take back our power and this shifts the whole dynamic, makes them feel weaker and exposed. Those around us that may be envious do not and have not seen all that it took to get to where we are. The hard work of breaking down all the walls, caused by years of pain, heartache, and trauma. To sit with it and really understand it, to work past it and climb out of the dark. They only see that we are of the light now, that things seem to be easy, but oh if they really actually knew. I do feel this is about ourselves also, because it’s natural to feel a little envious of others at times. We all have the dark and the light inside and it’s just about bringing a healthy balance of the two. It’s when we stay in the dark that we have trouble, we should not feed the dark but embrace it to learn more of who we are and why we react the way we do.

The third card is Adjacent Possibilities, I feel there are a lot of possibilities for us all. One door closes another opens as they say. I am guided to say that we need to recognize some of the endings are a blessing we are being guided towards our truest desires and purpose. We are being asked to trust in the plan at this time even if we can’t see what’s ahead of us yet. There are a lot of options but we are asked to choose wisely and be patient with the outcome. For myself I was taken off as a permanent designer for a company and asked to do a guest spot now normally this would have stung but I decided I needed to trust that it was for a greater good well I have also been pushed by spirit to put more of my energy in to helping others through readings and healings, so I will trust and learn how to bring more balance into my life. I am one that takes on the world but then burns out, lol so I guess I am being guided to share this with you to help you see that an ending or a change in an area that used to bring you joy may be for a bigger grander purpose.

Thank you for taking time to check out my posts. If you would like to have a personal reading with me. you can email me directly at angel

Angel hugs and Blessings to you all.

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