Healing Messages for the Collective

Good Evening Beautiful Souls,

Happy Monday, I was guided to pull a card for the week. Today card comes from The Secret Language of Light oracle deck from Denise Jarvie.

The card that basically flew out fo the deck today was #5 Healing. Its such a beautiful image and depiction of what is going on right now. This card is a reminder that all is happening in divine timing and that we are protected through this process of awakening. The world is sheding its skin and ridding itself of the imbalance and darkness. We are being guided to trust in our own guidance, feelings and thoughts more then what is being shown through outside sources. It is a time of mass awakenings, to remember who we are, divine beings of light.

A lot of us are feeling physical symptoms of the collective energies, we must remember to rest, rejuvenate, and cleans our selves, through sea salt baths, smudging, and or other various forms that feel right for ourselves. The guidance i am hearing is to keep our thoughts and emotions as positive and based in love as possible, this changes the frequency, its needed at this time.

This card is also about self healing, so many of us are feeling triggered, well its time to clean out the closet of our emotions and wounds, to work through them and release them as to not bring them forth through to the new world.

When we refuse to face our own patterns and wounds, they don’t just go away, they keep showing themselves in different situations until you decided to face them head on. This is what’s being asked of us now. No more barring things deep with in, its time to tap in and heal and release, its the only way to get your heart to fully open.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

The card number is five and that is a very symbolic number, bringing about change, balance, harmony, and well as you can see this is what the collective is needing to do, We can bring balance and harmony back with the darker, heavier, corrupt energies in play. So we are asked no pushed to work harder at clearing our own stuff, to awaken to our divine purpose.

Our true divine purpose on this planet is to teach, help and love one another. To bring light to the darkest areas and expose the truth that so many either unknowingly or unwillingly choose to see.

To bring the collective back into balance with the light. To live in harmony as we were intended to.

I am wishing you all a wonderful week a head, with peace, love, compassion and ANGEL HUGS.


2 thoughts on “Healing Messages for the Collective

  1. We must learn from the past for if we do not deal with the past it will always come back into our lives. Your reading is very inspiring


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