Twin Flame Energy Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope this reading finds you well. I am sitting at the hospital getting treatment and was guided to pull some cards for the twin flame connection. I am using the energy oracle deck for the masculines

The first three cards are really about the masculines and what they are feeling at this time. The cards that showed are, The Thinking man, the third chakra Archangel Chamuel and Hostility.

The first card is the thinking man, and really it’s all they can do at this time. The masculines that are still in karmic situations seem very stuck, very controlled and very tired. The message I get is that the only freedom they have at this time is within themselves because the karmic can not control what they are thinking of like they can control everything else around them. I sense the masculine really longing for that connection to their counterparts, they are reminiscing about times gone by with them ( this is for those that have had relationships with their DM’s before separation) reliving moments in time when they were happy when they were truly seen and appreciated and realizing now they made some horrible choices. The masculines are trying very hard to reach out in the 5d and telepathically but the energy is very heavy that at times its hard to get through, though they are doing what they can to send the feminines messages. This is happening through feathers, song synchronicities, seeing their initials on license plates and so on. Hold on dear feminine’s even though it seems as if it’s a never-ending battle we will make it through, the masculines are really trying hard to do their work, and take back their power that has been lost for so long. The message I am getting is that they are doing a lot of soul reflection, learning to work through their darkest feelings, learning to trust the signs and messages they too are receiving via spirit and you darling feminines. Keep holding that space of love, light and healing as they are struggling to find the strength somedays. They are receiving the energy that is being sent, keep shining your light with the world also dear ones, it’s what we are being driven to do now.

The second card is Hostilities: The feminines are picking up on their masculines, and vice versa. The state of affairs we are in now brings about a lot of frustration, anger, anxiety, restlessness, and even hostility. Being stuck with karmic partners 24/7 can bring about a lot of this, the need to connect with others, be touched, hugged, held, is a real visceral need and both parties just want that from their counterparts not their karmic. In fact, most cannot stand to be even touched by their karmic partners any longer.The masculines are feeling hostile, they are fed up being caged in like wild animals, not seen, heard, understood or appreciated by the karmic. I feel some feel very used and are waking up to the games the karmic partners are playing ( and when I refer to these types of karmic I refer to these that are toxic, narcissistic, those that don’t want to do the self-reflection to heal their own wounds). These karmic do not want to let go at all, they are used to having the masculines around to feed their ego, to keep up the illusions of a happy family, to project a perfect image to friends and family, to keep them comfortable in the style they become accustomed to. What they don’t realize is that the material things in this life do not matter as much as love, respect, honesty, compassion, does, this is why so many feel so unhappy even with all their material needs met, and I sense this to be true for some of the masculines as well. Yes they have the home, the marriage, the children but still, they feel empty, and this is because the relationship isn’t one that matches on the spiritual level, the soul level, there is a deeper calling to them, but at this time they are unsure of how to proceed.

The third cared was Archangel Chamuel. The message I am getting with this card is that the masculines are really starting to awaken their solar plexus chakra, learning to step into their power and speak what needs to be said, setting boundaries has never been easy for them but its being thrust upon them to do it. The masculines are also being guided to listen to their heart, (as you can see from the card both the heart space and solar plexus is being illuminated) no more listening to the ego, worrying about what others may say – dear masculines this is your call to action – to follow that nudge within you, to make the changes necessary to set yourself free. Trust that guidance system that you have turned off for so long, SAY HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, DO WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY. No more hiding or “fitting-in” Time to Shine your light on the world.

Wishing you all a wonderful week a head, stay tune as I will have more readings to follow. If you are interested in booking your own reading please send me an email through my contact sheet or at

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