General Energy Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls. I hope you have had a wonderful week so far. I was guided to rest, enjoy some time with the kids and process information that was coming in.

I was guided today to pull some cards for you using the Energy Oracle deck. Three cards just jumped out. Walking away, Sixth Chakra Archangel Metatron and Patience.

There is a lot going on cosmically, energetically and physically at this time. We are being asked to protect our energy. Stay grounded as best you can. Clear yourself often with sage, sea salt baths, meditations, and a singing bowl. Rest when you are guided to rest as we are in for a bumpy ride. Ascension symptoms are high at this time as well because we are being forced to awaken at an expedited pace. The walking away card is telling us its time for us to make those choices. No more settling, no more taking on other people’s crap, no more staying still.

We need to release our selves from pain, suffering, karmic situations, ie relationships that no longer fill our cups with love and joy. We have all been working so hard on ourselves that staying just isn’t an option. I feel that for those of us that are feeling more secure we need to check in on those around us that may not be. I have been picking up on the collective energy and a lot of people want to exit this plain. So if you know someone that may be struggling with depression or intense feelings of loneliness, call, reach out and make sure they are doing ok. Let them know you care.

The Walking Away card validates the energy I have been picking up. So many want to be reunited with loved ones that have already transitioned. Others just cannot handle what has been happening around the world, the isolation, the loneliness, the corruption, its all too much. We need to be kind to one another, show love and support, less judgment and hate because we all have different needs and beliefs. We are being asked to take a digital break. Clear our minds of the garbage that has been floating around on MSM (mainstream media) to understand and think for ourselves. Archangel Metatron shows up to remind you that those messages that you are receiving in your mind’s eye, that gut feeling, that knowingness that something is off, you need to trust that.

It’s hard to hear your guidance when it’s being drowned out by the noise of the world through negative television shows and hardcore music. Frequency is key here. Keep it light at this time, bring in more laughter, more positive information via uplifting music and information.

Communicate and stand up for what you believe in, its time for the lightworkers, healers, readers and earth angels of the world to speak the truth. Even when it’s the hardest thing to do with all the censorship,. It is needed to bring light into this world. There are a lot of things that will be exposed in time so we need to have patience even though it looks like nothing is happening. Both on the twin flame front and the collective energy front, it truly is.

Masks are being ripped off and people are being exposed. Truth is coming to light. Keep up the healing, keep your vibration up, keep doing your work dear ones. Good will prevail.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

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