Twin Flame Energy Reading

Hello beautiful Souls,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and had a chance to spend some time outside in nature.

I am guided to do a reading around the twin flame collective energy. I feel there is a lot of doubt especially for those that are not in physical communication with their counter parts.  For this reading I will be using The Psychic Tarot by John Holland.

The first card that came was Emotional Withdrawal. I feel this is the masculine with their karmic partner (I will be sharing a blog on karmic later this week).  I sense this has been their reality for a long time now, years in fact. There is no emotional connection to their karmic partner, not like there is with the divine feminine.  The sense is that they have had to keep so much bottled up inside them for fear of ridicule and judgment. They are just not able to be their authentic selves with their karmic partner. They only see the masculine for their physical attributes and contributions, ie money, status, physical sex appeal and so on. It’s all about what it looks like to the outside world, but this doesn’t feel right for the masculines anymore. They want more, they need more, they long for more. They need to connect on a deeper level. To be able to be vulnerable and express exactly what they are thinking and feeling without being reprimanded for it is what they are dreaming of.  This is the connection that they were building with the feminines once more through their communication and then for many different reasons they had to break communication and its affected them immensely. In fact it’s led to major setbacks for some masculines in both physical and emotional capacities, ie injuries, illness, depression, loneliness etc.  

I am sensing that for some masculines they are really allowing themselves to honour their feelings, to explore them and trust in them, along with communicating and speaking their truth. It’s not going to be pretty. A lot of things are going to be exposed. Truths are going to be told and things are going to start shifting to make room for union with their counterparts.  This card is also a number 8 and a heart chakra card, so there really is a lot of progress happening for the masculines. Movement within their heart chakra, clearing out the old and opening up to their truest feelings of love.  

The next card is the Destiny card, which for me validates that union is coming for the divine masculine and feminines, and that nothing the karmic does will be able to keep it from happening as it’s written in the stars.  The thing I am also guided to say is it’s also the same with the karmics. We were supposed to meet these specific people for this specific purpose. Now, some divine masculines or feminines stay a lot longer in their karmic situations than they are meant to, because of fear of the unknown, fear of judgment, or condemning from religious beliefs, fear of failure, fear of rejection from someone new, or even fear of their counterpart rejecting them.  Remember that in the end it’s all been orchestrated for the greatest good. To trigger our awakening, our healing , our growth. The spiritual purpose for union is to lead us to our truest calling, our mission work so to speak. Together the masculine and feminine are stronger both spiritually and physically, with the purpose to help, to teach, to share love in all things they go and do.  

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(I was guided to add this little message)

“An artist that is not in-touch with their emotions, with love, with their soul can only bring so much life to a picture they paint, but that same artist who truly taps into that place of love, connection and oneness can make a piece come to life. A piece of art can tells us so much about the artist themselves without speaking a single word

The guidance I am getting right now for the masculine is that they are really needing to open up their spiritual side more. Trust the signs, synchronicities and messages that ARE coming through for them. They need to stop talking themselves out of what is, in fact, coming through. The fear of the responsibility that comes with receiving messages feels more like a burden to them than a gift. So divine feminines, it is our job to help them release these fears by sending them light, love, and healing energy, via reiki or whatever else you may practice. They are receiving it and it’s helping them a great deal on this journey.  The destiny card is a number 10 which is completion of a cycle, and this card is also a major arcana for life events and situations.  So I feel there will be a lot of movement with the masculines and their karmic situtations soon. As per the first card they are awakening to the truth surrounding them and they will be forced to make some choices, or the choices will be made for them in different ways

The following card which is Positive Movement Forward, validates for us what I previously picked up on. It may be slow going but there is a shift in the masculine  energy and situation. I sense that those that aren’t in really physical communication with their divine counterpart, via text, phone or other forms of messaging are still receiving some time of signs, thru song, thought, or even images via fb.  You may even see a dooplerganger of your counterpart. This is them reaching out any way they can to get their messages to you. To hold on, to have faith, to believe in them. They are working on themselves just as you are working on yourself. To grow, to honour and respect yourself by releasing things that no longer serve you, ie friendships, careers/work opportunities that no longer feel right or fulfilled. You are all re-evaluating where we are in life and what really matters. Realizing where we may have been a door mat to people in the past and learning to stand up for ourselves, express our needs and desires more, and those that have a problem (and there will be some), will just find a way to exit out of your life. Some may choose to turn things around on you, projecting their own feelings and insecurities, but really its just you being a mirror and triggering the necessary things to help them heal and grow. We are elevating and some relationships just won’t, and don’t stand the test of time. They are there for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  How we handle this is important, because for some (like myself) it will trigger old wounds of rejection, but if we have really done the work then we will see it for what it is, and wish them well on their journey. We are being forced to move past our comfort zone with these relationships and situations, to reach our fullest potential. No longer should we make ourselves small or less than what we are just to keep others happy.  Here we have another 8 card, so we can see that there is completion of karmic contracts, be it friendships, relationships, career or work situations. A lot of endings are taking place for both the masucline and the feminine which are going to open up amazing new things.

The last two cards I really feel are from the masculine to the feminine. About what they are going through now. The Waiting Game and Memories of Love are what has followed. I sense that some of the masuclines are just biding their time before making their moves to contact the feminines, and leave situations that just feel like hell for them. So many things are at play they struggle to find the strengt. Again going back to that fear. But deep in the core they know they need to make a change.

The only thing keeping them going at this point is memories of their feminine. Either on a telepathic level or physical one as some twins have met and been in short lived relationships before seperatation. The memories of their time together play over and over in the masculines mind, but it’s not only the masuclines that hold on to those memories it’s true for the feminines too. I feel the masculines need to hear, that it’s not unrequieted in most cases. The masculines know that they have screwed up by repeatedly leaving, or in some cases abandoning the feminine in their time of need, and they worry that the feminine will never truly forgive them. That is not the case. The feminines love is pure and true, and soon they will see just how true it is.

I am guided to remind you to pay attention to the song lyrics that play out of nowhere in your mind. Your divine counterpart is communicating with you. Letting you know they love you, are thinking of you, forgive you, and so on through those songs. Take time to look up the song. Listen to it, listen to the lyrics, so much will be shown this way to you.

I truly hope that these messages resonate with you and bring you some comfort in this uncertain time.

Many blessings Beautiful souls.

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