Monday message from the angels

A quick one card reading using the amazing Guardian angel Messages Tarot from Radleigh Valentine

Messages of hope, love and gratitude

Hello Beautiful Souls. Hope you all had a wonderful week thus far and a fabulous Easter for those that celebrated. I apologize for such a dry spell with the readings and post, learning to balance between kids, studying, inner work, working, friends and self-care has not been an easy one and the blog is theContinue reading “Messages of hope, love and gratitude”

Embrace the Divine Wisdom

Hello Beautiful Souls,  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I know I have been quiet the last few days and I apologize for that.  The energy has left me feeling off and introspective, so I took time for me.   I was guided to pull cards from  The Psychic Tarot, by John Holland,Continue reading “Embrace the Divine Wisdom”

Twin Flame Energy Reading

Hello beautiful Souls, I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and had a chance to spend some time outside in nature. I am guided to do a reading around the twin flame collective energy. I feel there is a lot of doubt especially for those that are not in physical communication with their counterContinue reading “Twin Flame Energy Reading”