Embrace the Divine Wisdom

Hello Beautiful Souls,

 Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I know I have been quiet the last few days and I apologize for that. 

The energy has left me feeling off and introspective, so I took time for me.  

I was guided to pull cards from  The Psychic Tarot, by John Holland, I pulled them a few nights ago but was guided to hold off on them. 

The cards that came were “Wisdom and Sacral chakra”

I feel so many of us need to be reminded that we are in fact getting accurate guidance and wisdom from source, our spirit guides, those that are on the other side, but we get in our own way and doubt our selves.

This is a reminder for you to trust in what you are getting, start owning it, and embracing it. You need not be concerned what. others thing of you.  Time to stand in your power, your spiritual gifts, your passions. Take baby steps every day to own it, you are being given many opportunities to shine your light, share your wisdom and knowledge, I know it feels difficult at times, that some question you and make you feel like you are the odd ball, but you are not dear one,  you are gifted, you have something to offer and those that make you doubt your self know that its a bigger deeper purpose and are there to try and shake your confidence. 

Something i am hearing is a ” Its better to stand a lone then in bad” something my dad use to tell me all the time.  You are being guided to the outside of the circle in purpose, you are watching as an observer, being unaffected by the chaos around you.  Remember to stay grounded in the heart, come from a place of love and not judgment, we are all on our own journeys, learning lessons at different rates.  This is about you focusing on you, your passions, your purpose, honing in on your skills, practicing, and trusting. Release any an all fear you have around your gifts, standing out, and speaking your truth, as well as connecting. 

You are safe to be YOU, to share, to be seen, to be heard. YOU HAVE VALUE, YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

Sending you all much love and blessings,

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment or question.

If you feel drawn to have a reading with me you can connect me via the site or email me at angelblessings.11.22@gmail.com

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