Divine Feminine and Masculine Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls 

I was guided to pull a few cards for the twin flame collective using a few different oracle and tarot deck, I used the Angel Therapy Deck for the first card, which validated the direction of the reading. From there I was guided to use The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland, this deck was used for the bulk of the reading, and finally, I was guided to pull a couple of cards from The mystic moon Twin flame oracle deck.

There is a lot of energy around the twin flames right now, some really great and some no so much. I am picking up on a lot of interference but the karmic’s and by lower vibrational energy which is trying to keep us from coming into union with our divine counterparts. I say this because I personally experienced the interference while I was doing reiki for my twin. As i was sitting there sending the healing I all of a sudden felt really angry with him, in my mind I was having this good stern confrontation and maybe its something that needs to happen but I know personally I doesn’t have that anger towards him.  I sense that there is a lot of deception being put on us to make us doubt our selves, the connection and to keep us stuck. To remedy this I quickly cleansed myself by using sage and having a sea salt bath. I wanted to make sure i rid myself of whatever was causing the feelings of anger and doubt.  I am guided to share this with you so that you may be aware of what’s happening and take the same measures to clear yourself.   

  The first part of the reading is dedicated to the divine feminine, though it is applicable to the masculines as well, I was guided to read in two parts.

The first card for the feminine was Nurture-  A lot of us have been taking on far to much, overextending ourselves and our energy at this time. We are being asked to take time to rest and nurture our selves now.  So show our selves some love and respect. To honour how we are feeling, it’s not selfish to take some Alone time, it’s mandatory for your well physical, emotions, spiritual and mental wellbeing to do so. Though i feel most of us have a hard time doing it as there is a level of guilt that has been passed down the lines.  Its time to take your voice back, express what you need to express. Many of us have inner wounds from childhood around communication, whether we were ridiculed for our beliefs and or interest, silenced form our families with that old “KIDS SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD”  or comments like. “How do you know” “What are you talking about” those statements are powerful blocks to self-worth and self-esteem. This is all coming up for healing now, through challenges with children, family members and even our friends, where we are being forced to be really honest about how we feel, especially if someone has hurt in. Confrontation doesn’t have to be angry and or aggressive and this is what we are being guided to learn. We can be heard and we deserve to be heard, we bring a lot of value to the table with what we have to say and share.  By doing this we are healing many aspects of ourselves, our lineage and our children’s children. This card is about loving ourselves more so we are more able to show that love to our divine masculines, as i feel they are truly in need of some tender love and care. The situations they are in at this present time as led to little love and nurturing, it is also something that they had missed out on from a tender age as a child, compound by what the karmic partners my be lacking. The need for nurturing is on a soul level as well, as divine counterparts we match and challenge them on that level, that they really miss at this time.  I want to make clear i am not putting down the karmic partner, as we are all a karmic for someone.  They two have their own journey and are here to teach and trigger us but some just won’t let go because of the material needs and ideas the masculine provide for them. It is not love that is holding the karmic to the masculines its necessity and fear. Fear of what’s next for them, of the unknown  I feel this card is also a reminder that you beautiful souls have something to share,  you truly are receiving guidance, and messages from the other side and you really just need to trust in it now.   I am guided to say mention that us mothers of little boys we need to teach them its ok to be vulnerable, to cry, to show emotion because we are in fact raising someone’s partner down the line, we want to break the cycle of the machismo mentality that strength is just in the physical ability and that a man should never show his softer side. All the old paradigms and stigmas need to fall away now, we are raising a new generation, one that will be more open to accepting love, so we need to model that love for them. 

Healing begins is the next cards, and it truly does start with the females. We have done a lot of work on our selves and continue to do so on behalf of the masculine, but we are also not going to take a back seat anymore.  There is a coming out so to speak of the female energy, no more hiding, no more locking away out feelings to make others comfortable, and no more accepting old patterns into our experience.  We are putting our foot down, which for me is why there is that green light coming from the women’s knees and below.  Also, i am feeling that a lot of us have been going through some foot and knee pain as we have not been standing on a firm foundation, this is also mirroring what’s happening with the masculine energy, we are needing to bring balance back, to ask for help and not carry the weight all our selves, and to make those choices now that we have maybe delayed doing. We can not heal fully if we stay in the situation that’s making us lose our footing, lose our sense of love and contentment. 

As I sit with the card I am drawn to the curtains and how the women are just breaking through, I feel this is our energy on the twin flame journey now, we are owning this path fully, we are not caring what others may think of us, or our choices, we are embracing what truly feels right for us now. We know the truth deep in our soul even when we are in separation with our counterpart, there truly is no denying whom we are meant for, where our heart truly lies.  We are tired of the pretence, keeping up the illusion that everything is just fine, when really our hearts and heads are somewhere else at times,  awaiting results, movement, communication with our counterparts. 

I am getting to mention that the women in the image is also representative of a mother figures energy for those of the masculines that no longer have theirs in the physical plain. She is watching out for her son, trying to help him heal, and open up his heart once more. To heal the wounds that keep him ungrounded and unstable. These masculines only need to be open to receiving the healing messages that she is trying to provide.

 Breaking of the cycles, standing strong in who you are and walking away knowing its never really the end, it’s only away to help the masculine realize that they need to step it up now and take the lead.  This is validated with the next card which is Awaiting Results, it has been a long and windy road for the DM’s and DF’s But it is all starting to come together, movement and choices have to happen now because after all the purpose for the DM AND DF’s union is not purely romantic, its to help elevate the vibration of the planter, to bring more love and light, to strength these energies to bring healing.  

I picked three cards for the Masculine energy but can go for both DM and DF’s at this time, 

The first card is Choose your Battles. There is a lot of conflict going on and it is not just externally its very much within their own headspace. They are feeling so conflicted between what they want to do, what they were taught to do and what they think they need to do.  The three faces in the card are also coloured and to me feel significant indicators of their own chakra blockages, the blue- throat and thirdly eye, no to being able to express themselves, muting themselves in hopes to keep the peace. Not allowing themselves to see the signs, synchronicities and guidance from spirit or their departed loved ones.  They are fearful of what they are seeing,  Then there is the green face which is representative of the heart chakra, – not allowing themselves to feel anything, to loved or be loved. I sense for a lot of the masculines and even the feminines they are in self-preservation mode, doing whatever they need to just to get through each day, but not knowing they are inevitably keeping themselves stuck in the same patterns and for those with kids perpetuating the cycle. The third face is orange, they feel powerless in the situation, they feel small which you can see in the card the man just feels so insignificance and emasculated.  They are needing the extras love and healing energy, they need to feel close to some, they need to have a sense of purpose and control back. They need that balance that only the feminine can provide for them because the love is unconditional, they feel heard by the feminine, seen which they like but also scares them, such a contradiction I know, just keep holding that space for them, light, love, prayer, reiki energy they are getting it all. Which is validated with the balance card, the masculine need to take back their power is represented in the yellow of his collar and the need for the feminine to take back her voice and honour the messages coming through is represented in the blue of her colour and mix it to get her its green which is the heart chakra, unconditional love, that DMs and DFS truly long for. 

 Now the last card is Takes the lead this is where they are struggling at the moment, the need to know its safe to peruse, to take charge and go after what they want. The intention is there to do so but there still some attachments that need to be dealt with, and they will because this is the time for endings, karmic cycles coming to a close, its weather the make the choice or not to do the uncomfortable things is another. 

The last three cards were from Mystic Moons Twin flame oracle deck.

I feel these cards are from the masculine to the feminine, they are in fact sending you Signs that they are thinking of you, that they are longing for you, that they really want to reach out but are not sure how to do so at this time. A lot of the masculines let the karmic partners take control and end communication with the feminines, and now they are regretting this choice and wondering how to reach out once more. The realize how badly this made the feminines feel, how much hurt it caused and they regret not fighting and standing up for their friendship and connection. The masculines are sending messages through music and telepathy, so Listen to the lyrics of the songs that you may be guided to listen to or hear randomly on the radio. Nothing is by chance.

The Forgiveness card shows up, and this validates to me how regretful they feel about how they have treated the feminines in the past and currently. They need forgiveness or at least that is what they think, they need to be reminded that we love them unconditionally and that forgiveness is already theirs, they just need to be open to receiving it along with the love. They are needing to learn compassion towards themselves, so hold space of light and love for them, I sense they are in a dark space

Surrender card is very interesting as the masculines are learning a lot at this time. One of the lessons is how to be vulnerable, to learn compassion for other people and their suffering. They are needing to surrender to the lessons life has brought them, good or bad, they are needing to learn. The need to surrender to the pretence of the 3d and move deeper into alignment with who they truly are as a spiritual being along with a physical being. Surrendering to the truth that their hearts are somewhere else, surrendering to awakening that is happening within them. Surrender to their emotions, they are needing to release what they have been holding in for such a long time, not just about the love that there for the divine feminine but emotions they been caring deep inside since childhood. The pain of being bullied, of losing a parent, of carrying all the burden of their careers deep down within, So much needs to come out, to be expressed to be healed. This is true for the feminine as well, learning how to surrender control around timing, surrender to their divine purpose, surrender to the connection, surrender.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I truly hope that you found something with in it that resonates with you and brings comfort, healing and or clairty.

Many blessings Beautiful Souls.

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