Healing Message from the HEART

Hello Beautiful Souls. I hope this finds you all safe and well. It sure has been a very interesting and crazy time. Learning to wade through the truth around the situation and to stay grounded and centered through it all can be very difficult. That being said I thought it would be benificial to share some messages, affirmations and resources, to help clear and center. A lot of emotions are coming up right due to being confined to our homes. Issues are being triggered.

The guidance I have been receiving for myself and others is to really work on clearing ourselves and our chakra system. To bring balance to our chakras, and this happens in many ways, through meditation, through reiki treatment, through the foods we eat and the colours we wear. Through daily affirmations that align with each chakra, through ringing with a signing bowl as well as using sage and pala santo to cleanse and clear the energies around us.

One way I like to clear is to use Himalayan sea salt baths. I light some candles and incents, put some meditation music on and fill up the tub with half a cup of sea salt in it and soak for 20 minutes. Not only is it very relaxing, it clears your chakras and auric field of the day and any residual energy you might have picked up form others.

The first chakra that I am being guided to talk about is the Heart. With all that’s going on we are being asked not to close off our heart. To remember compassion, love and understanding at a time like this. Many of us are being forced now, to deal with old wounds. Emotional and physical traumas that we have buried deep down within us. We are asked to bring those things up now for transmutation. To work through it with someone (counsellor or friend) to release pain, anger, resentment, apathy, loneliness and anything else that keeps us from really feeling with our heart. We need to be able to really connect to our emotions through our heart space and not through our logical mind. When we close ourself off, when we close our heart off we cause more pain and suffering in the end. The more unhealed and repressed emotions the higher the chance for physical illness to appear. John green wrote in “The Fault in Our Stars” that, “Pain demands to be felt.” and I agree with this. You can ignore it but it won’t go away until you acknowledge it, work through it and release it.

I was guided to pull a card from the Chakra Wisdom Tarot deck by Tori Hartman, to go along with the messages above. The heart has so much to say, all you need to do is tap into it. Allow it to be heard. Beautiful souls you are being giving an oppertunity during this time of solitude and isolation to really come into yourself. To embrace what makes you so wonderful and special. You can do this by honouring your passions, your desires, and of course your emotions.

There is a call to come into alignment with your authentic self. How do you do that? By speaking your truth. Expressing how you feel authentically. Do not just sit back and keep the peace any more. You are being asked to honor those emotions that are coming from deep down within. If something does not feel right to you, speak up. You deserve to be heard. Your feelings are valid, they are yours and you have every right to feel them. The more you speak up the more you will raise your vibration and take back the power you give so freely to others. By refusing to be invisible, by refusing to be quiet, by refusing to keep others happy at the expense of yourself, you are telling the universe, “No more!” You are taking back your power, you are helping to heal not just yourself but your lineage. It is time to take care of you, your needs, your wants and your desires, know that it’s safe for you to do it. You are in control, you have the power to manifest what you truly desire, do you know what that is. Listen to your heart it will lead you to your path. You are being asked to sit in meditations, quiet your mind and really listen. Ask yourself, ask your guides what is it you are truly meant for. You will recieve the answers.

You are being asked to release any an all worries around your health and finances. See things as you want them. Turn out the noise of the world and tune into yourself. What is your truth? What feels right for you? What do you believe to be true? You know what’s right for you? Close yourself off to fear and worry and open yourself up to love, peace, saftey and wellness. Call on Archangel Raphael to surround you in his healing light and call on Archangel Michael to help you cut the cords of fear and negitivity. To vaccum away negitive thoughts and energy and keep you safe and protected.

Due to the lack of social connection we are being asked to find our way out into fresh air, connecting with nature and grounding. Bring in some flowers to lighten the energy of the home. Don’t overthink what flowers to choose. Just look for ones that connect with you emotionally.

I wanted to attach Links to some great meditations to help open up the heart chakra. Below i attached two great sources I use for my meditations,

Meditative Mind on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0YvsRfYfsniGAhjvYFOSA ,

Nu Meditations music https://youtu.be/NTH3QiPVaH4

“My heart is open to love”

” I am love”

“My heart is open to giving and receiving love”

“I express my emotions freely”

On a personal note, I have decided to start offering distance healing using Reiki energy, once a month. If you are interested Please sign up below.

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