Divine Messages and Check-In

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I wanted to take a moment to check in with everyone, see how you are holding up concidering the circumstances. I know it can and is a very intense time right now but we must keep our energy and vibrations high so we can stay healthy. The more we feed the fear the more we will bring our immune system and energy down. So do something that makes you laugh and joyful. Meditate, sing, dance, do art, watch something funny, anything to keep centered at this time. Also reach out to friend and family via social media – video chat/ facetime / zoom what ever it may be, it really helps when we can get together physically to a least be able to see one another via video. I managed two have two really great sessions with friends yesterday and I am telling you it made a world of difference for me.

So I hope it will help you as well.

I was guided to pull three cards from the Psychic tarot deck, and its a very interesting three cards indeed.

The first card is Deception and envy- this I feel is on a global scale, and can be personalized too, I feel it relates to the twin flames as well as this virus and the way it’s being handled via the media. Yes it serious, but we are not being told the whole truth, things are being doctored to be worse then, to keep control of people, to control the economy and even take peoples liberties away, so dear ones we must turn to our higher self, listen to our intuition and question everything that is in the mainstream media. We must look deeper for the truth. Do not give up your freedoms so easily.
Within the twin flame connection I feel there is a lot of deception, DM- are really deceiving themselves around the connection trying to blow it off, trying to push it down like it isn’t real but that can only go for so long before it blows up in their face and their feelings escape them. They are being pushed to open up their heart space and feel what they need to feel, this scares the crap out of them because they held back everything for so long, and add to that the conditioning to show now emotion. I feel the envy comes from the karmic partners they can sense their longing isn’t for them, their minds and hearts are elsewhere, they are wondering why things are the way they are, and they too are needing to go with in to really understand how it got to this point. There is even envy for the old way of life, the old way of doing things, ie fooling themselves that all was ok before this isolation, before a specific event, but it never was and its now time for all to come to terms with the truth. The masks of ego and pride are being ripped off, all parties are being forced to own their authentic selves, whatever that may look like.

Second card is – Love begins- its reminding us that there will be brighter days once more but we are being forced to do the work, to band together in unexpected ways, to feel our emotions, to release old ways of thinking and doing things, to raise our awareness and conciseness. Lots of awakenings are happening a new dawn is on the horizon are we brave enough to handle it, to change how we lived our day to day lives in the past, to be less of a follower and more of a trail blazer, asking and questioning. Listening to our intuitions and hearts more instead of whats being told to us by out side sources. The need for honesty in the twin flame connection is huge, and there will be a time when both will be able to express exactly how they feel about one another, which will lead to a greater foundation and bond. Now is the time to do the healing on both ends D.F and DM  are really needing to release old patterns regarding to how they have handled their emotions, challenges, differences in opinion. Learning to embrace all the feels, and work through them in a healthy manner.

Third card – Movement, choices and decisions,  A new beginning is on the horizon once the choices are made, Dm really need to make some hard choices, are they willing to live in this of grey or are they willing to do the work and make the changes that will allow for a more vibrant colour filled love and life.  The choices wont be easy but they will be worth it, we are being asked to truly trust our selves and our heart more then our head and even our obligations. These choices are going go against and test everything we ever thought was right. We are being guided to step away from the “Shoulds” and expectations and to do what is right for us. There is a need for us to fall away from the material aspect of life and dive deeper in to the spiritual relm, to connect with our souls purpose, to remember what that is, and to achieve that we must be still, we must let go of what is no longer serving us in the best possible way, karmics needing to find their own soul connection that will help lead them to their truth, DM and DFs coming together to help awaken the world to what really matters, what was always suppose to be and thats love not hate, kindess not crulty, community not segragation, peace not war, joy not fear, forgiveness not resentment, compassion not racisim, spirituality not religion.

Please feel free to leave a comment, tell me how you are doing, what is helping you through, maybe we can share with one another.

Many blessings to you all.

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