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Good Morning Beautiful Souls, Its been an interesting time hasnt it, the energy is very intense and has lefts us feeling just totally off.

I myself have found it very difficult to get into a place tranquility and peace where i felt i could connect clearly enought to share a reading with you. Finally I am able to post something, I did a choose your card reading for my Instagram and facebook page and thought i would share it here as well.

The tarot decks I am using are the Rider Waite Tarot, Chakra Wisdom Tarot and the Talking to Heaven oracle cards.

Card One (Rider Waite deck)- 2 of Swords – This is a very collective energy right now – feeling of being stuck, grounded- and that makes sense with the situation we are in. I feel for a lot of us it brings up a lot of emotions, fear, worry, anxiety, trust issues. Right now we are blindly being asked to trust in a system that is broken, that its run out of fear but I am guided to say dear ones that now is the time to really tap in to your inner strength, your inner knowingness/ consciousness and look past the illusions. So many have kept the blinders on for so long, scared at what we might be shown but now we are being asked to level up, take off the blind folds and see things for what they are truly at the core.   This can be on a global scale but also a personal one, being that we are all confined to our small respective places we are being shown things in our lives that aren’t working any more, relationships, parenting styles, work and even values that we held on to. We are being guide to really look at this time in isolation as a time to release what no longer serves us, rest what we value and believe in, and work through our fears and worries to get to a place of true faith, bliss and self love. We have a firm foundation and now we are being asked to look inwards for true happiness and contentment. So much has been spent focusing on the outer world that we needed this time to rest our perspectives, of believe systems, question and learn, grown and value our selves, our intuition our gifts of all kinds.  This is a time e to cut through any mental confusion, and conflicts, to turn off the world and really sit with yourself in meditation and just be. For some I feel this is going to be a time where you learn to really find your voice and speak up to the things that you once bottled down deep inside you. Clear that throat chakra dear ones, speak your mind and take back your power.  Two is also a twin flame number- which I feel there is a bit of a lack of communication at this time between the masculines and the feminines, and its not easy- this whole thing with the virus has caused a lot of fear in the masculine and they are all consumed by the media around it. We are being asked to find other means to communicate, telepathy , signs , synchronicities , music  and dream space are major keys right now to the communication between the two.  Pay attention to all of those things at this time. I am guided to mention that we must keep our vibration higher, less media-less news coverage, more time in meditation and doing the things that you love that bring you joy as this will elevate your vibration. 

Card two-( Talking to heaven deck)  “You have nothing to feel guilty about”.  This card is asking those of you that choose it to realize that you really have nothing to feel guilty of, your loved ones are not upset with your choices or decisions now or at the time of their passing. Life gets in the way, mistakes happen that we can not change but you’re asked now to forgive your self for any perceived wrong doings in regards to how you handled the passing of your loved one. They are around you giving you signs to let you know they are never truly that far away from you. They hear your conversations you have with them in your head and out loud holding their picture, they know how much you miss them, how much you question your choices and decisions but they as you to use this messages as validation that they support you and what your decided to do then and now.  Trust the visions, dreams, smells and sensations you have had in the last little while this is your loved ones  way of communicating with you, especially now when times are so tough, they are going to make their selves known to help you through. I am being told to tell you not to give up HOPE, someone really really needed to hear this today, and to have faith all will work out they way it needs to. 

Card 3 (Chakra Wisdom Tarot). – Nine of Cups

A Lot of thoughts and emotions from the past are bubbling up to the surface right now for many, this is because we are being pushed to really heal what we have carried with us deep down for so long. Emotional healing is key at this point in time to be able to have healthier lives on every plane be it romantically, physically, spiritually and emotionally. A lot of triggers are being shown and ignited for this reason, to really help us understand what we need to heal and release. The fact is all the traumas from this life time and past are affecting who were are now, how we feel about ourselves, our children, out partners, friends, family, and society as a whole.  Its time to go deep dear ones and really clear out all the hurt, all the pain, all the traumas all the abandonment issues so that we do not pass on this to your children and their children.  Patterns can be broken on the behalf of our ancestors as well, take time to journal and understand how you were raised, what you noticed about your parents and their’s what has shown in the way you live your life and react to things that may have been the way of your parents also.  Also there is so much physically that can be healed when you heal the emotional side of yourself, you will notice the alignments you suffer will start to dissipate once you really allow your self to work through the nitty gritty.  For some I feel its healing issues around sexual abuse, traumas and even addiction to sex and unhealthy behaviours.   We are the creators of our experience, we can move past this and manifest what we desire but it takes work, it takes time, it takes patience to clear out the old and change the way we have always done things.  Be kind to your self, be patient with your self, trust that all will work out, easier said than done but we are being asked to have a little “blind faith” at this time, and through this process. Call on your guides, your angels and your departed loved ones to help you through this.  

We are also being asked to step back into our power, stop you giving it aways but shrinking ourselves for other, we do this by minimizing our talents and our gifts, trying to fit in when we are born to stand out and help others. You beautiful souls have the power to illuminate the world with your passion, your joy, your laughter, your spirit, embrace it, embrace who you are and who you are meant to be. Some will not like it and thats ok, let them go because those that are meant to be in your world will show up, you just need to make space for that to happen.  Also I am guided to tell you to use this time to see how far you have come in your life, all the obstacles and challenges you thought you would never get through – you did it!  Celebrate that, embrace that , and now that you can do anything you put your mind to now and always. 

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Many Blessing Beautiful Souls,


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