Twin Flame Collective Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls

I hope you had a lovely weekend and safe halloween weekend.

Today or rather tonight I have a twin flame reading, and decided to try my hand once more at a video. I been guided to push myself out of my comfort zone more and do videos. So please bare with me as I am still learning the ropes of editing and all that it entails. ( I noticed I had one area with text and I cant for the life of me delete it)

I truly hope it resonates with you. Now warning the video kind of cuts off abruptly as my daughter walks in while I am in the middle of the reading. So I will post the last two cards below for you.

The last two cards that came where Sign and Fresh Start. Both the masculines and the feminines are seeing sign of their counterpart, dreaming of them, hearing songs and feeling them telepathically. Trust in the signs that you are seeing at this time, allow the SIGNS and song syncs to give you comfort in the separation. All is this is happening to motivate you to continue on your healing journey, and to give you validation of your connection.

The connection is worth waiting for and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The masculines are hoping and praying that their feminine’s will forgive them, this weights heavy on them as they know they really have hurt their feminines. The longing for a fresh start is real for both of you.

Plant those seeds for a fresh start feminines but working on yourself, sending that loving, healing, forgiving energy, and moving through any blocks that come up around forgiveness. If you want that to happen you cant be bashing or belittling the masculines because they aren’t their, everything is energy and vibration and with this connection your masculines can pick up on that energy as well, and masculines that goes the same for the feminines. What have you been putting out there toward the feminine to make yourself feel better, too easy the choices you have made. Time to rethink how you been telling your story, and accept responsibility for your actions.

I know that all sounds a bit hard but its the messages that came through so I feel for some (not all), they need to hear it.

Wishing you all a wonderful week a head.

Angel Hugs and Blessings to you all, and if you are interested in a personal reading with me feel free to email me at

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