Monday Messages: Healing on the Wings of Hope

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Happy Monday, I hope you are all doing well.

Today I am back with a more in-depth channelling as I feel this week and the coming weeks are going to be filled with a lot of revelations globally, personally and spiritually.

This is a bit heavier of a channelling then you may be use to but I am guided to just let it flow.

I was guided to once again use The Sacred Forest oracle cards by Denise Linn, there is so much magic and symbolism in these cards, and wow the accuracy.

This is a three card reading, which is going to be pretty lengthy,I feel these three cards represent the energy for the next week, but then again most messages are timeless and will resonate at different times for different people.

Card One – Raven Spirit #32

Key words and phrases that came while I was channelling this card, messenger, grounded, connection to spirit realm, honouring who you are, seeing the truth and delivering the truth. Root chakra: security, protection, wisdom, sexual healing and energy, connection too Mother Nature.

The messages I am being giving around this card is about embracing your deepest truth, who you are, what you want and asking yourself some hard truths. Are you happy where you are in life, what you’re doing, who you are with. Is this relationship or situation bringing out the best in your or worst in you. Are you ignoring the signs and guidance that it is time to possibly make a change. This card is asking you to really open yourself up to your deepest truth and the truth that surrounds you, not just personally but globally also.

Keep in mind that what ever we are faced with and being triggered with is ultimately for our own healing and growth as a soul and human being but you will also know when it’s time to call it a day and say enough is enough.

A call to connect to the true essence of who you are by revitalizing your spirit through creating, play, laughter, connection to mother nature. So much chaos has surrounded us all in various forms, through the pandemic, personal challenges, loss of jobs, traumas and childhood wounds that its left many feeling disconnected from self, from others, from what truly makes their souls happy. This is a reminder that its ok to take time for your to just be in the moment, not worrying about the different task that need tot be done, to let that playful side of your self out. get down on the ground and play with your kids if you have them or do something that your younger self loved to do. Go. out in a grassy field and ground with bare feet, talk to nature, so much wants to come through for you if you would allow it too.

This card also represents the global energy that we are currently in, swiftly the truth is going to come to light about all the darkness and deceit that has been shovelled out through the media as truth A lot of people will not be able to handle all that is about to come out. “The winds of change on upon us” ominous isn’t it but thats the words I literally heard as I was typing. Brace yourself by staying off negative sources of media, focus your thoughts on positive outcomes, meditate stay energetically grounded and know that you are protected, all thats coming to light is for the greatest good of man kind.

This card comes with an amazing validation in the form of an actual golden eagle, I had pulled these cards yesterday morning and in the afternoon as I was headed to the beach there he/she was in the tree right as we were about to turn the corner. I had to stop and pull over so I could grab a picture. What an amazing site to see.

Card two. The Eagle Spirit: Freedom#13

Key words and phrase I was hearing for this card, universe, third eye, intuition, connection, rise above, partnership, history balance of the spiritual and physical.

The eagle comes to remind us that it is time now to soar to new highest, leave all the doubt behind you. Many new and amazing opportunities are on the horizon personally, professionally and collectively.

Collectively the message I am getting is that true freedom will once again be restored to the people but it is not going to come without a little chaos and calamity because there needs to be a mass shift and shake up to awaken the rest of society

” When you fly above you can see the whole picture”.

Like the eagle you must fly above it all, do not get caught up in the mass hysteria and “show” that will be bombarding the airwaves, all of it is to perpetuate fear and keep people stuck and sick. Fear lowers your vibration, weakens your immune system and makes you susceptible to infiltration of lower vibrational energies.

( I do not normal share messages like this but I am being guided to do so now)

The eagle spirit is a great protector and is messenger of the heavens, this card is letting you know that all will be ok. You have asked for assistance the eagle is asking you to go inward and connect to your higher self, call on his energy to help you gain the clarity you are seeking.

You are magical beacon of light and the world really needs you and what you have to offer at this time. You are part of helping humanity heal, but first you must believe it in your self. Some aspect of your self is wanting to break free, from societal norms, from situations, circumstance, people and ways of doing things, there is deep yearning to just let go and let god.

I do feel there are many souls that are truly struggling with depression and even thoughts of suicide, like this life has become too much to bear. Please speak up and seek help. You have a purpose here dear ones, you are valued, loved, appreciated, seen and needed.

As you start to embrace you inner truths, you will find a new sense of freedom , which only comes after making some hard choices but in the need you know they are for your highest and greatest good. You are being reminded that its time to put your needs as a priority now, stop putting everyone else’s happiness above your own. Many have been giving and putting those around above themselves for so long that it’s actually affecting their own health and well being. Its not ok to give so much of yourself that you loose your own sense of joy , purpose and health.

I am picking up that there are some facing really difficult decisions or have made them already around ending a relationship, though you do know deep down that it was in fact a good decision, there is the other part of you that is questioning if you gave up to soon. I sense there is fear creeping in around being alone, dear ones call on the Pegasus energy to help you in the area of romance, he is the is the barer of strength, love, allurement and magic.

The last card for this very powerful reading is the Hummingbird Spirit

The key words I hear for this card are compassion, playfulness, connection to the heart, healing, rest, messenger, memories of love, always moving, enjoy the sweetness of life.

The hummingbird is such a magical creature with so many messages to provide us, one of which is joy, where are we lacking joy in our lives, this is the big question. Are you finding it hard to connect with you kids, friends or partner, I feel many have been struggling with some form of depression as that was the word that flashed through my head as I was channeling. Clearly with what the last few years has been like it’s going to be very prominent, but many have been struggling for a lot longer in silence. So this is a sign for you to reach out and get the support you are needing. I am hearing inner child healing which is about giving that younger you the love, nurturing and support that maybe wasn’t given due to various circumstances.

I also hear inner child connection, which means going back to a time as a child when everything was exciting, adventurous joy. What did you love to do as a child, what brought you joy, pleasure, peace of mind, tranquility. Take time to reflect on this and bring some of those aspects back into your life.

Take time to sit or lay and enjoy a quiet moment, connect with your self and your surrounding. Try to turn off the mind chatter from think abut all the tasks you still need to accomplish, this may be harder for some than others, but it’s very much needed. Use nature meditations or sounds to help ease the mind to focus. Taking a break is a necessity not a luxury, just as food and water are. It’s the stillness that we can start to really tap in and hear spirit and our intuition answering the questions that we constantly ruminate over.

I am also guided to say that this is a hello from heaven, someone has been asking for a sign or validation that their loved one , a feminine energy , mother figure is all right and at peace. They ask for forgiveness as they haven’t always been then for their loved one they way that they should, there is a lot ancestrally that needed to be worked on and cleared. “Please know I am always with you” look out for the signs I will do my best to bring them to you”. I feel that the loved one here on this plain is now forced to deal with a lot of family drama and their person is very sorry for that. Stay in a place of love and do not engage at this time, you will have all that you need.

Beautiful Souls this was a very long and in-depth reading that I hope finds you well.

Sending so much love and light to you all.

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