Magical Messages from The Sacred Forest Oracle deck

Hello beautiful Souls,

I was guided to pull a couple cards from The Sacred Forest oracle deck by Denise Linn. These cards are magical and so full of symbolism, I hope you enjoy the message.

44 Toadstool : Growth

This is a major time of transformation both personally and professionally for many, the last few years have been challenging but also given way too opportunities to reflect on what is truly important in one’s life, challenging old ways of doing things.

Ancestral wisdom is coming through in various ways to you at this time, be it dreams, animal symbolism, feeling drawn to a topic, place or person. Dive in and remember who you are, embrace the magic that’s within you. You are transforming and breaking free from all self placed limitations. What once would stop you is now the catalyst for rebirth. Take the necessary time to connect to nature and listen to the wisdom that the trees, birds, wind has to offer. 

Messages are coming in many ways for you, guidance that will help bring more stability into your life, clarity, abundance. Many life lessons have been learned and more still to come which will lead to deeper healing even on the ascensteral line. Know that you are supported through this process and to call on your guides, Angeles and ascended masters to help you.

There is also a lot of mirroring when is comes to the twin flame connection, so what once the feminine has gone through is now being felt by the masculine collective, soul growth is a must some have done it willingly and others I feel is more like a little child going through a tantrum because there parent asked them to do something they just didn’t want to do. Funny analogy I know but it was the video image I was shown.

I feel this card is a reminder for those that may have been feeling stuck and lifeless that things are turning around, a new influx of energy, joy, creativity is on the horizon, this also feels like the masculine energy and how much they have been struggling emotionally and physically throughout the separation period. They haven’t felt like themselves, they haven’t felt truly happy or settled since they had or chose to cut communication with their counterpart. Their presence and their prayers whether they knew it or not helped bring back a sense of light into their lives but fear, insecurities, outside sources and personal karmic lessons played a major role in the decisions to cut all ties.

The message I am receiving is that the masculines saw their feminines as having it all together, fearless, fun loving, beautiful and they did not feel worthy of any of it. This card is validating that there is a sense of renewal happening in the masculines lives, be it big or small it’s happening, the feminines may start to see small indications of communication most likely in the astral or via signs through art , word, music, just a little indication that movement is happening. 

You living and creating your best life, finding joy, purpose, healing your own insecurities and wounds helps them to do the same. 

Take time to celebrate yourself and all that you have gone through to get to where you are now, it’s no easy feat wading through the darkness like you have. You have learned to set healthy boundaries with those around you, no longer saying yes to things just because you are expected to. You are taking control of all areas of your life and it feels good. 

These are huge wins!

This was just a quick channelling I was a guided to share, I wasn’t intending on a twin flame post but a message needed to be given. I hope that you find something that you need through this.

Many blessings beautiful Soul’s

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