One card readingMonday message

Good day beautiful souls. Happy Monday.

I was guided to pull a card from the Sacred Traveler oracle card app by Denise linn

The message I am receiving is that it’s time to open the gates to your heart. To love fully, to allow your emotions to flow freely and be expressed in a Healthy way. No longer can you keep the gates locked right around your heart and expect to find the love that you seek.

You just love your self in that manner, work towards healing the aspects of your self that are keeping you from loving your self fully.

What we seek in others is what we need to express towards ourselves.
Compassion, joy, accountability, acceptance, forgiveness, clarity of belief in your self. Setting firm boundaries for your self and others is a form of self love and important to do.

You are no longer the same persons bleeding yourself dry for a little bit of perceived love or validation. You are the radiating light, you are that love , you are worthy of the same effort, energy, respect and love.

This is also a card to validate how far you have come on your healing journey. Clearing out the wounds of your lineage and Childhood.

New beiginings are upon us. Take the necessary steps in the direction of your dreams.

Call on the angels to guide you through the remainder of the healing process.

Archangel Sandalphon , Michael and Raphael are the angels I am hearing to bring forth on support of your journey

Many blessings beautiful souls

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