Daily Reminder, Goodness still exists

Good Morning beautiful Souls!

I was called to pull a card from the Healing Energy Oracle deck byMario Duguay

“Goodness” I feel this is a reminder for us all that there is still goodness in the world even with all the chaos going on. Goodness starts with ourselves and radiates outwards.

So let’s lead with our hearts and lean towards love, compassion and understanding instead of fear, judgment and hate. We have the ability to heal not only ourselves but the world we live in by setting our awareness and vibration to that of love and forgiveness.

We need to be really mindful of our thoughts, words and actions right away as they shape what we experience and put out into the world. It’s so challenging at this time but you’re are not in this alone.

This is also the time to go within and work through any of those triggers and misconceptions and beliefs you hold of yourself and others due to past experience. To see that there is still goodness in the world.

You are a divine soul that has a bigger purpose here. Trust in it!

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