Soul Reflections; Healing, Releasing and Moving Forward

Hello Beautiful Souls.

I was guided to share this card from the 7 energies Oracle deck. This card and the message I am guided to share is that it is time to work through and release our past lessons once and for all.

Coming off the full moon many may feel a lot bubbling to the surface. I know I myself experienced this last night in regards to past relationships. It’s about understanding why we went through each experience, where were we in that place in time emotionally, why did we attract said experiences and to see how far we have come now.

I did a total inventory on the different relationships I had, how I have grown and changed and worked through things and also what triggers are still coming up for me to heal. I feel this is extremely relevant for others too. We cannot fully attract what we want until we have a greater understanding of ourselves. Yes we do not want to live in the past but we do need to understand it, and release it so that we can fully be present in the here and now. Unhealed issues will always show up in one way or another till they are dealt with.

There is an abundance of love to be had, abundance of lessons we have learned through our past experiences that have shaped us to who we are now. Learning to talk about it, and express ourselves authentically is one of the greatest blessings we will have, and may in turn help others to heal, grow and help even more as well. Nothing is ever a mistake, we may regret things but they also taught us something in the process. Abundance comes in many shapes and forms. It’s in the friendships that came and went, the memories of love that we had.

The way we dealt with and overcame each obstacle and hardship that we in the moment didn’t think we could overcome. So don’t be afraid of looking into your past. Accepting all of your past experiences and learning from them is the only way to truly move into a brighter future.

Below I have added Divine Symmetry 1-8-4-7 a friends reading for you that really coincides with the above message.

I truly hope you have a beautiful weekend a head.

If you would like to book a reading with me, please send an email at or connect through the website here.

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