“Crying, Waiting, Hoping”

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Happy Wednesday I am back with a song sync that I received a few nights back. This song I feel is representative of not only the twin flame journey but the general global energy as well.

So many people are disconnected from their families, friends, and loves because of the current circumstances. Not only that but so many have also lost their loved ones due to unjustified mandates and polices, that have had tremendous consequences ie suffering.

Crying, Waiting, Hoping”- Buddy Holly

Crying, waiting, hoping you’ll come back
I just can’t seem to get you off my mind
Crying, waiting, hoping you’ll come back
You’re the one I love
And I think about you all the time

Crying, my tears keep a-falling all night long
Waiting, it feels so useless, I know it’s wrong
To keep a-crying, waiting, hoping you’ll come back
Maybe someday soon
Things will change and you’ll be mine

Crying, my tears keep falling all night long
Waiting, it feels so useless, I know it’s wrong
To keep a-crying, waiting, hoping you’ll come back
Maybe someday soon
Things will change and you’ll be mine
Crying, waiting, hoping…

This song is used in the La bamba sound track, and I actually heard that there is a deeper message that needs to be shared, to rewatch the movie.Its in not just with in this particular movie that we are divine signs and messages but all of the movies. We need to use decrement and really analyze and decode whats being show to us at this time. See we are giving so much information good and bad via media sources such as music, television, movie, as well as books and magazines, but are we paying close enough attention to recognize it

The guidance around this song is so deep and so wide spread, it’s a challenge to completely articulate, as I am feeling this song resonates on so many levels but the biggest of all is for those that have lost their children. I feel this the deep yearning to know what happened to their children, the longing to have them home in their arms. This goes far beyond anything I can truly talk about here as its very multi pronged but all you have to do is look at whats being discovered, all the remains of those innocent aboriginal children that had been taken and sent to residential schools.

But really this is far deeper than just the residential schools its for all those children that have been kidnapped, trafficked, abused, tortured. Their souls are crying out to be honoured to be remembered to be saved, for the truth to come out.

This right here is also the bigger purpose for the divine connection, and why we must do our inner work so that union can occur. The counterparts are here to help heal, nurture and restore the vibration of the planet, to bring forth truth and unconditional love.

The song also represents the masculines longing and desire for their feminine, to be able to be with them, holding them in their arms, to embrace a truth that has not been in their experience for a long time.

This song also represents the feminines and their sadness and heartache due to separation and no communication. They understand why and are doing their inner work but the masculines need to realize that their beloveds do feel a longing and heartache even if they do not show it. They are holding space, to make it easier for the masculines, but deep with in they just want to be seen, heard, loved and help and appreciated for who they truly are. No one has seen them more authentically they their counterparts

I was guided to add this prayer to Archangel Michael by Radleigh Valentine to just bring a little more protection around us all.

Love and blessings to you all.

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