Heres to a Happy and Blessed New Year

Hello Beautiful Souls ,

Happy New Year. What a wild ride this last year has been. Here is to a new year full of blessings, connection, family, friends, hugs, laughter, great times and making new wonderful memories. \

Last night my friend Carolynn from Lotus Glow joined me for a fun Facebook live. I will attach the video below for you to check out. We pulled some cards, had some laughs and talked about what the previous year had taught us, what we are grateful for and how we envision and intend to move forward through the year ahead. I have intended to do more through this medium and videos as well in the following months. I also mentioned a special for the month of January, 22% off reading services. I want to thank my community and give back in some way.

Here is the link to the Facebook live on New Years eve.

Also be sure to check out some of my Soul Sisters this year. They are wonderful light beings sharing their gifts through various mediums, such as reiki and amazing reiki infused candles by @soulconnection245 , twin flame and general readings by Divinesymetrey1-8-4-7 and Twintuitive717, @LotusGlow with Carolynn for pedicures and foot and leg massage. These are just a few of my goddess soul sister tribe. I will be doing more spotlights throughout the year. My goal is to connect and heal together, supporting one another.


I pulled one card from this beautiful new deck, Healing energy Oracle by Mario Duguay. I am guided to add the actual quote and a little bit of a channelled message for you all. “Self love”; “I attend to my needs by listening to my heart. My inner essence lets me know what is good for me. I respect my limits. I answer the requests of my body and soul. Thus, I learn to love myself.

The message I am receiving, is that it is time to start fully loving yourself and that includes taking the time to heal the heart. Releasing all the hurt, pain, sorrow and wounds that you have been carrying around with you for far too long, possibly decades. Building up walls and keeping people out to protect yourself all the while longing for that deep and meaningful love.

Dear ones you cannot fully experience love in all its splendour if you keep that wall around. It’s time to face whats been causing you so much pain. Work with a counsellor, coach, psychologist, shaman, to help with the healing process. Write out everything that you have been carrying deep with your heart and burn it. As you go through this allow yourself to feel what you need to feel and slowly move forward. If we keep pushing our emotions down and don’t deal with them we then loose the ability to feel much of anything, along with causing ourselves physical illness. You, my beautiful souls deserve your hearts desire, unconditional love, but it all starts within ourselves. You have a light that is wanting to come out, and a heart of gold, its’ time to embrace it and allow it to shine through.

Be the love you seek” Bryant H McGillis, a quote I see all over the web and the words I heard as I was finishing this post and I feel this is a great reminder.

I loved this image and quote by John Lennon that was shared on Facebook by Rantings of a Beautiful Mind and felt guided to share it here.

I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend and again a Happy New Year. If your interested in a personal reading, now is the time to book in, all of January I will have 22% off zoom, email and video readings.

To book in, email me,

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