Pick A Card Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls, I was guided to do a Pick-A-Card style reading on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/AngelBlessing1111. You can choose between the three cards, or take it all, what ever resonates with you. I thought it would be good to share here as well.

Card 1-Five of pentacles in the Tarot of sexual magic,  (This card has so much to it. )

For those of you that choice number one this is about learning to let you self love and be loved, to bring down the walls that have kept you hidden and closed off from even the possibility of love, it may have been a very long time for some of you, because you had been hurt so bad. I feel the wounds go as far back as child hood. The walls you built up have been in place for a long long time to serve as a protection, but oh how it keeps people away.  The need for that unconditional love is so strong. You are being guided to speak your truth (BLUE of the women’s dress-throat chakra) Release all that pent up emotion, frustration, anger, sadness that you have internalized for so long, you may even find your self using humour or sarcasm as a way to keep people at bay and not have to share your true feelings, but dear one you are being asked to do that now. You cannot move forward or heal until you really allow your self to be heard. You are strong, you are brave you are worthy of all you desire.  

Messages from/ For the Twin flames:  I am feeling this is from the divine masculine, there is such a desire to connect with you dear feminines, to embrace the love that they have for you , its so strong they know how much you long for them and love them also.  Your love, thoughts healing energy is reaching them, its giving them strength at this time. All they want to do is be vulnerable and communicate with you, to shed light on whats been going on. But they do not know how, they are scared, there is so much that needs to be cleared, They have however been sending out signs and messages through music, so dear divine feminine’s pay attention to those song you hear  on the radio, in passing or that pop into your head.   The masculine have been wearing “thorns” aka armor- to protect them selves form situations, be it current of past, they have worn it for so long now that its become like skin, they do not know how to remove them, and thats because there is still so many challenges and obstacles that they are facing at this time , this in turn has kept them from communicating as they would have liked. They see you, the feel you and are so grateful for your patience, they do realize its been extremely frustrating for you and they are sorry for that.  Lots of lessons to be worked through, to be released, to be forgiven, especially with themselves. So much internal work is being done beyond the 3d – The Divine masculines are in need of some grounding, healing of the  root and sacral chakra, taking back their power, and living their truth is what they are starting to work on. 

 As for the feminines, you stand your ground, your voice deserves to be heard, do not swallow down your feelings anymore – embraces them, say them , release them – find away to communicate what you want to say- there will be a time when you will get to speak your truth to your divine masculine as well. 

There is walls on both ends here that need to be brought down, its time for both the masculines and the feminines to embrace there vulnerable  sides, no more hiding behind those walls and masks, speak up – be who you are meant to be, tell people how you feel, allow your self to be seen for the beautiful souls that  You are. !!!!!!!

Card 2- Rider Waite Tarot deck

Four of Pentacles 

At this time you are being guided to focus on you- your passions, your  desires, your healing and on service. You have a solid foundation to create your dreams, to manifest it, there is abundance of all around you, all you need to do is embrace it. The abundance can be of thoughts and ideas, financial means, emotional support, coaching and guidance in bring your passions to life.  All of this is there for you if you choose it and are willing to do the work.  “Allow yourself to be seen for the BEAUTIFUL SOUL You are”.   Come from a place of love, hope, contentment, integrity, sincerity, and joy and  you will attract all the right opportunities, guides and messages you need.  Remember that everything you have gone through has lead you to this place, when your feeling down, or stuck, remember where you were and how far you have come. Take the lessons you have learned and release the pain that may have been part of those lessons. You are here for a reason, believe in that. 

  Card 3-  Twin Flame oracle deck by Mystic Moon

“ebbs and flows” of each cycle – listen to your body rest when you need to rest, pull back from people places, situations, activities when you need to. This card wants you to learn to honour your self through the moon cycles as well as the twin flame cycles (for those that are on that journey) The cycles of communication, then now communication ( ie separation, ghosting etc) – this happens over and over again till each layer of the divine feminine and masculine are healed. The foundations that we once thought were solid are cracking away and giving light to a new layer- things that once resonated with us are falling away- this can be a difficult time for those that do not like or handle change well, I feel a lot of us can release to it.  Relationships/ marriages are coming to an end – transitioning of careers, moving to drastically different places, so much change is happening, so much releasing of the old us, the old patterns and coping mechanisms, we are like the caterpillar  in the chrysalis starting to emerge through and soon we will be fluttering around with our beautiful wings. Hang on dear ones, it has been bumpy but this are coming to a close and a smoother time is on its way. Through this we are awakening to our spiritual truths, “birthing” a new way of being.  What we once would tolerate and accept we no longer do, as we are awakening to our power, learning to love ourselves unconditionally by embracing out quirks and finding out true voice. 

The solitude that we have been experiencing has  been very healing, learning to enjoy ones on company, learning to set healthy boundaries in which we can say no to things we do not feel to do or that does not resonate with us, it has given time to integrate and process all that we have accumulated on this journey so far. So be gentle when you feel your self going through the abs and flows of each of these cycles- its not always an easy.  

Each moon cycle will bring with it more opportunities to heal, learn, grown, release and manifest, with that I was given this last message. “keep a journal for each new moon and full moon cycle, in it keep track of how and what you feel leading up to them, going through them and at the end   of them, What comes up for you, what did you release, what needs healing etc. 

Be well my beautiful souls. I TRULY hope this resonated with you all 

Sending healing light love and many blessings to you all . 

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