Heavenly Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls, 
Before I get on with my day doing the readings I have promised, I was guided to pull some cards from the Talking to heaven Oracle. Four cards came out.

The first- “My Death was painless, please stop worrying and holding onto guilt. i feel this is especially true for those that did not get to say goodbye to their loved ones- they want you to now they are still around watching over you and guiding you, they see your pain and wish they could take it away for you but alas they can not- do not run from the pain, it means you were able to really love, hold on to the good memories, the joy, and release any negative emotions associated with their passing- “i hear put it on the wings of the bird and it will soar to me” Also they send you signs – they are around it’s your job to pay attention to them, they could be as simple as a bird crossing your path, landing on your car – or anywhere that it catches your attention, a random feather that appears, i feel a lot of people get their signs and messages through songs associated with their loved ones, I know i DO. This is truly them – and when you get the goosebumps while this happens they are right there with you at that moment. 

The second card just validated that it was, in fact, their time to go, and they are very sorry for the pain and suffering of those left behind, those that are left with the pain of witnessing their death, feeling responsible in some way, know they do not want you to carry such a toll, such a burden. It was not on you for their passing it truly was not.  
The third card is also the validation of that as it says “I am sorry please forgive me” I am getting they want you to truly embrace life once more- its precious and time goes by too quickly- all those things you are afraid to do- go do them, love, beloved, let those guards down because its truly what we are meant to do. Please do not hold your hold yourself back from being happy, that it is what i want for you, dear ones. 

The fourth card, ” As a soul, I can be at several places at once. I feel for some, their loved ones have partially reincarnated into our children and grandchildren, yet we are able to still receive messages from them because they are still all around us. This card to validate the many forms they can connect with us in. 
I know with my children are part of my dad and my grandmother, My son would tell me why are you wearing my necklace ( which was my dads when he was alive)

I am holding you all in my heart sending light and love and comfort.
Many blessings to you all.

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